sussie Hendrix - Snitch
2 years ago
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Rat on my brother and she's his x and she is a nasty white has gonaria and genital worts.. All men be where if u gots a job I won't she will get u strung out on drugs an out stealing an she will throw u to the wolves to save her sluty as* she uses people her own. Kids and her girls prostitute with her check,out bad an busted mom daughter special,. Bit** used my brother and then met him and said well they here ( law) Now , come on if you want your co** fall. Sleep with her and you will,be broke unemployed and nasty within 2,months guaranteed my brother said she also,gonna rat on her own brother I mean she's as low as they come i,hope i,get see this bit** out soon imbeat that as* tarpkins rd She takes pills an then meth then she rob her own to get hit you been warned

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