Stanford Property Management LLc - Unethical eviction tactics,Tenant manipulation to do maintenance work, Elderly and disabled mistreated The Mission Statement on the website is just propaganda.
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The CEO Rosa Scarcelli, Owner of Stanford Management who oversees not just 20 low income properties all over the state of Maine, but 20 more in Pennsylvania which she acquired recently in a lengthy Court Action. The defendant was non other than her own Mother, an 80 something woman holding the titles for the Penn Properties. on a other note, Ms Scarelli Ran for Governor of Maine in 2010 against; Paul Le Page and Eliot Cutler. Just a few months before election day, her husband, Tom Rhoads and another man, Dennis Bailey were caught with there hand in the proverbial rice as they say as it had become know that they had created a false web cite "The Cutler Files" containing all sorts of confabulated material and faux stories all done to impugn and sully the good reputation of Mr. Cutler. All the While, be on TV, in the street or on a podcast Ms Scarlet O'Hara ....Oh pardon, Ms Scarcelli, claimed, innocence, not knowing a thing of what the father of all her children was up to on all those very, very cold nights while she was alone and he at the usual poker game. This does paint a picture of what type of person this CEO is. This being Company, she has created layers and layers of protection beneath her (should it be necessary) to throw someone under the bus).

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