Selena Hansen aka Selena Beltran is a snitch she snitched on a guy that she was fu***** that was married with a family. He is now looking at 40 years to life in prison. She gets busted with meth more than 4 times and walks on all charges. She was busted with 67 grams of meth and got all charges dropped!! You can look her up on Iowa court and see for your self. She was busted in Iowa and Nebraska for drugs and all her got was time served. She broke in to the guys home and stole stuff from the dudes wife. She is working with the feds now. She doesn't give a fu** about her daughter that is in foster care.she is too worried about chasing the next dude with the biggest bag! She even told the dudes kid that she was going to be his new mommy. She stole the dudes wife's car and had it pieced out. She is a lying rat. And her mom is just as bad. Heather Christensen. She goes by the last name of Beltran but she isn't married to the dude but yet she claims to be. She is a bag chasing life ruining rat of a bit**. Don't trust this cu** at all!!!

Comments About Selena Hansen

Some people don't think before they write crap. I'm sure you don't realize what you just got yourself into.
Jul 13 2017 06:56 PM
This story was written by Keely Beltran. Nice try Keely!
Jul 14 2017 07:58 PM
i would fu** her
Oct 12 2017 01:12 AM
lmao how do you know she doesn't care about her daughter , and the guy wouldn't have been in prison if he weren't selling drugs ... maybe if you weren't so stupid you'd realize he's in the wrong just as she is bit**
Jun 18 2019 09:47 PM

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