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10 months ago
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I overheard an unknown person talking on the phone at the bar, back at Bragston, bragging about how he maintains and completely controls a large group of junior-level, self-proclaimed snitches that have been trying to develop other individuals in effort to enhance they're snitching efforts or to join their team. He said they have absolutely no regard for their victim's privacy, and should be compared to the likes of the KGB, Masad; and even Facebook and Google. I have not met any of them personally, and didn't catch a view of whoever was speaking on the phone, but I did hear one of them say that sources familiar with the matter are just a bunch of pencil-dick, teary-eyed, hide-behind-a-rock-type-ass-piss-ons that would betray their own blood for less than the spot price of an ounce of Germain-silver. That's all I know really, but I did hear someone say that the IP address they were using for their jr.-level snitching team was online at That's about it, but for some reason several them were laughing and said the dummies were using Godiddy to post their stuff and were sadly also using something called PressWord? or WordPress? and insecure methods to create the websites? That's all I have and I hope it helps you guys out and hope you can do something about it. It seems like you can't trust anybody nowadays.Please stay healthy from this ChinaVirus and best wishes for 2021.

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