Mormons - jerks
13 years ago
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These folks are messed up in the brain. It gets annoying when they come to your door. Some people dont realize they are just in a cult. Many are Free Masons.

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HA! your right! thats all they'll ever be. RUDE, SNOTTY, ANNOYING, ALL BARK AND NO ITE, SNITCHES, PREJUDICE, NOSY, AND GOODIE TO SHOES!! They try and wear " high heels " and " make-up " yet they dont realize how ugly they look! xD they think they're soooo " mature ". they'll get mad and " offended " at any joke or cuss word you say! like WTF?!?! WAS I TALKING TO YOU NOSY A-HOLE!! NOO! I WASNT! they're prejudice of homos! that isnt they're business either! They're full of themselves. nd thats final.
Apr 07 2010 04:32 PM
I like the mormons. Ok, maybe not all the people in the religion. But, the Religion itself is very good and has awesome values. The teachings are only for good and they don't hurt anyone. But, they help all!!
Sep 05 2010 09:32 AM

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