La Honda Elementary - allows bullying
8 years ago
On school
Category Abuse

My daughter has been going to la honda since kinder ever since first grade my daughter has been bullied and I have spoke with mrs hardy and she would actually do her job and take action but once my daughter entered second grade it started again so I talked with mrs hines and other staff on the issues that go on and nothing has been done I even went to the district that still did no good I spoke with one of the parents and they were not even informed this was going on my daughter has gone from being a gate student to failing due to her being un able to concentrating she even asked the student to stop bothering her and the student tells the teacher and my daughter is told to "be nice" then this girl took it too far and hits my daughter and my daughter bites the girl and only my child was suspended becouse they believed the my daughter was lying my daughter doesn't cry over a situation for 3hrs straight if she is lying I looked at a website that has top 10 signs your child is getting bullyed she had 8 out of 10 the only two that didn't apply is no torn clothes or upset after online interactions her grades have sliped she does the whole faking sick she gets upset often before and after school and many others I think this school should be shut down becouse mrs hines and most staff are very incompetent the only good thing I can say about la honda is they have one great teacher and that is mrs kingsley

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