Johnathan Hanna - Do not call him
1 year ago
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Category Abuse

He's a disgusting backstabbing bastard moron. Where otherwise there's peace, he turns it into war. The definition of evil, that's what he is.

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Do not call him at (347) 528-2777. Do not call him at (929) 419-7080. Avoid all contact with him and/or Margaret. He's a dangerous and stupid criminal.
Jan 17 2021 01:38 PM
Retracted, revoked, withdrawn.
Jan 11 2022 09:40 PM
He's a stupid piece of fuc*** sh** cockroach. He is a worthless criminal backstabber bum.
Feb 05 2022 07:16 PM
His piece of fu***** sh** cockroach crazy bastard girlfriend who** piece of garbage, she is a di** junkie.
Feb 05 2022 07:27 PM
He's a crazy criminal drug junkie. His who** Di** junkie girlfriend is even worse
Feb 05 2022 07:30 PM

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