John Murray - Electronic Gay Stalking with acoustic WaWa bags 24/ playing their rainbow of
6 months ago
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In the Yuba Sutter area this man John is a f** and a too many Harley owner guy and a house on wheels guy and a safe deposit box guy and been married to all the prettiest girls in this town and now he's a f**. I like group of electronic gangstalkers wayward against him they made it very well known they were going to kick his as* and that he was not wanted in this town so they try to beat him up electronically every night and send him a lot of wee wee signals and butt shocks they claim to be isis and Hessians Hessians they're badasses from all over and they wanted to know how big John's wee was and if you had herpes and he's got to go to work so he can pay his wife alimony now he has nothing left and he has a boner with a spider monkey a******. So his defense I would say hey neighbor does your wife still see spirits and the neighbor says why are you hearing voices. And you say hi how you doing in The neighbor comes over at 11:30 tonight at 11:00 tonight yes has a towel and her sweats on and she goes yeah what are you guys going to be taking your stuff to oh really what the f*** so I told her my stuff goes anywhere it goes to my family so I'm having me okay. Now while in the FBI in Arizona which everybody keeps me in front of me but I can f****** choice the person that he was seven and a half minutes didn't transmissions. How the f*** did you know that. So as would be told Mike's girlfriend says I rather watch p*** than f*** her and that there's a plan going on to make it seem like I'm bipolar schizophrenic and then it turns on me that well this is b******* so. Some of the biggest n****** I've ever seen we're standing in front of me and by the light to get and then they said yeah he right here I thought this mother f***** could smash me but instead we played more following around game with me to see where my butt then there's a bigger story of this but this is just a partner just because another good night John Murray must be killed by Muhammad says so he is not wanted to in any mosque in the Muhammad say he needs to die

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