Jeff Timm - Snitch, Child abuser, Woman abuser, Drug addict (then snitches on others for using), Cheats on his wife an now his ugly as* gf, MANIPULATOR

he's been to jail for a measley six months for beating his daughter up, she was nine years old. this was in crete, ne. beat on his preg wife, told police on ppl got them put in jail for sh** HE did, he video taped a 15 yr old girl taking a shower when they had a FAMILY get together, (stanton county, NE) steals from his own kids, beats on women, alcoholic, cheats on any woman he gets with, LIES OUT HIS AS*, reports sh** to cops cuz hes a pus**. this has progressed from 2000 to present. hes seriously one big fu***** piece of sh**. He lives in Valley, NE with his nasty gf, goes to that bar there in town a lot. hes fu***** puke.

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