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Google has launched a new web browser called Chrome. The web has evolved pretty dramatically, but the underlying browser architecture is still very similar to the original Netscape browser," Sundar Pichai, VP of product management said. Google says Chrome was designed to be streamlined and simple." I just installed the beta version and I already noticed likes and dislikes. Two things I like the most are the ability to resize a text area (like on the sniitch post page), which is very helpful if it isn't large enough, and the thumbnails of the popular sites that I visit when opening a new tab. Obviously, I need more time to explore, but I don't like the fact that you can't install the Google Toolbar. Share your experience.

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Google Chrome breaks by obeying alternate style rules as if active. Basics here: Basically, avoid style conflicts, and list your alternate links BEFORE your active ones.
Sep 02 2008 11:39 PM
A tad disappointed with their beta release... lots of issues from regular websites viewing... from facebook apps not working properly (e.g. friends for sale, unable to buy) to java not working properly (fancybox and clones, works on first click, second click gets you no where), poor flash performance (interactive charts a choppy). Of course all the above work great in FF and IE. I see this becoming a web development nightmare in having to dealing with more web browser that behaves differently even though they claim to be standard compliant. I question the lack of options chrome offers... I miss having my cache cleared automatically for me upon exit or all the neat add-ons (but give it time for add-ons)... As with the rest of Google apps, this will stay in Beta stages for years to come... I do love the multi-layer approach to loading webpages as it makes some pages load much faster. I just don't see the flash or java support being up there... unless they all have to be tweaked for chrome? Why don't they just jump in bed (deeper) with FF and combine the two to make one heck of a browser?... for now I'm sticking with FF and IE...
Sep 03 2008 12:14 AM
I was quite excited to install Google Chrome as soon as it was available for public download. However, I am bit disappointed after few hours of use. I agree that Chrome is light weight and fast. I could open more than 30 tabs and still working fine. What disappointed me most is, it crashed after few minutes of use. See this <a href=''>Google chrome reviews</a> to find more about the Google chrome crash report -
Sep 03 2008 05:47 AM
Its working well for me, had initial trouble with java but then I upgraded to the RC10 version and its perfect now.. its fast as hell on my PC and all my woes from Flash are gone from FF 3.1.. I'll stick with it for a while
Sep 03 2008 06:41 AM

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