George Cline jr aka butch cline jr and Charles timmerman - This is two snitches
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I went to prison for a 25 year charge for intent to manufacture more than 5 grams and George Cline jr and Charles timmerman from Burlington Iowa and Mtplesant Iowa both snitch on me and I have paper work on both of them they told that I toted them how to manufacture math and that I was cooking with them and they were both rats

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Butch cline jr from ottumwa Iowa and Charles timmerman from Burlington Iowa that is were they live right now and in one how is friends with these guys run away from them they are snitches and they were my friends for 22years and they both told on me and I was butch cline jr really close friend and I saved his life when we first met and had been like best friends for over 22years and he still told on me like it was nothing and I want everyone to hear this part I was on my death bed in Iowa city on life support and had two up heart surgery's and headed back for the third surgery and he still told on me and I had to go to prison and be sick in there and I had to have a nother surgery why I was in prison and bought dead because my pase maker stop working and I bought dead before they got me to Iowa city and did a nother surgery to save me and I saved that man's life and he left me on my deathbed to dead and if that's how you want to be friends with go head but he will leave you to dead and still snitch on you so if I haven't given you a off about these two Sorry my bestfriend and brother told on me and got my four little girls took in from me and my wife 5 6 7 8 year old girl and they took them purmentle and they took my wife to prison and I was on my deathbed and changed to a bed on life support so that I could get away and they took me straight to jail and they prison because spostbe my best friend and brother butch you are a rat and a snitch I I will never forgive you for getting my girls take away they love you and this is what you did and as far as me and ashli going to prison that was fine I didn't care one bit I had it coming soon or later so thanks for getting us clean but I will NEVER EVER EVER FORGIVE YOU FOR GETTING MY GIRLS TAKE AWAY FROM US SO THAT ALL I HAVE TO SAY
Jun 08 2019 01:04 AM

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