Farmers Insurance - Denial of Theft Claim
7 years ago
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I had a burglary take place at my property and had no choice, but to file a claim with Farmers Insurance. But after nearly a three month long investigation, they used a technicality to deny my claim. I was already a victim of a crime, but further victimized by Farmers in my time of need. Farmers used an unethical reason to deny my claim, which was that I had the wrong policy. They took no responsibility for selling me an incorrect policy if it was truly wrong and put the blame on me to justify their denial. Had the property had a tenant, I'd be covered, but since it was vacant, it isn't. There's no justification for this! Vacancy of the property had nothing with the burglary.

This is exactly the type of act that needs to go viral to shed light on their business policy and protect consumers.

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