eyesiswatchin steve - Disinfo Jew boy closet fa*
6 months ago
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Pervet lives in his moms house in canada. No job. Doesnt work.

Wears makeup. Requests "donations" so he can live off other peoples hard earned money.

Steals peoples videos and creates his own to push his conspiracy theories..

Did I mention he is a fa* that loves little boys?


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Yes I know of this pervert. He is the one that was seen trying to get a boy to meet him behind a gas station..
May 27 2022 05:05 PM
This little creepy looking goblin has a youtube channel. In his channel He does say in 2 videos he is a jew. He says it in 2 videos.. He tells a story about his father being a soldier in Iraq and killing others, probably americans. He says they left the Iraq country and moved to canada where he is now. He was caught claiming he did have a job becuase he wouldnt get the cavvine. He todl thsi story for about a year. Had allot of peopel send donations. Over the 2 years or so he seems to have gotten some sort of STD or Aids becuase he lost weight and looks liek a Jew from WW2 that wear makeup. And yes he does wear makeup. People, if you habent fugured it out yet. these jews are controlling the news. Al of the Ceos are Jew. bankers all Jew, Most the politicians Jew. Kanye cam e out and admitted tehy are controlling media and music. I foind it super funny that everyone knows Jews are doing these things but they go watch these gay jewiosh boys talk.. Another one is Shapiro.. Super jews that are placed in media to push the stipidity of " there is no virus" and so many other Q anon stupidity... All I can say is, you people get what yoiu deserve for follwong these Jew podcasters..
Oct 24 2022 01:17 AM
yea Alex jonestein ... howard stern, cuomo brothers, on and on.. all jews.. i do remeber when this weird looking person told everyone on his podcast he didnt have a job cause he got fired from work due to not taking the shots. He would say this every 2 or 3 months.. Therefore youre correct. He does seem to just be living on donations.. LOL wich is so funny cause people claim to hate jews and jews do evil things but then they send people like this weirdo , money ! LOL I watched many of his vids and he never does state JEWS did it.. Similar to Alex Jones... BTW I did a google search and found that he has several porn accounts on gay and weird sex sites... You all should pay attention to who you follow these days..
Oct 24 2022 01:24 AM
YUP its kinda like how peopel found out Jone wife is jew. And that his business and people aroudn him are all jews. Wouldnt surprise me if this liitle bastard steve is a cointel agent liek the rest of them.
Oct 24 2022 01:25 AM

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