Emily Kushmaul, Big Titty Lou, BTL, Jaycee Grace, Emily Louise Kushmaul, E. Louise, Jacey Gracey - Con Artist posing as a companion, escort, stripper
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Emily has many names, email addresses, websites, Snap Chat accounts and phone numbers. The one thing that's consistent are the photos. She prefers Snap Chat. She'll ask for a deposit, a picture holding up fingers and a referral from a provider. She claims this is for safety, but it's recon. If you send money, she'll give an excuse of a family emergency, Uber or Lyft delay, etc. She'll send pictures of the emergency as proof. She'll continue to try to get money from you. Her favorite way of stealing is by posting a touring schedule. If you do meet her without a deposit, come prepared. The meeting will play out in a few different ways. She will be at least an hour late. She'll ask you to bring a bottle of wine. If the bottle is open, she won't touch it. She will spend at least 50% of the time in the bathroom. She doesn't want to see you, she doesn't like you, she doesn't like herself and she doesn't like sex. She is a pro and will make you think you're a great lover, how sexy your are and how you have a personal connection. This is an act that she's perfected . Her typical move is tit sex. Her head game is sub par and there is no traction on the treads. If you are upset about her being late, she'll get her donation and spend time in the bathroom. You'll hear about God's time or she gets angry. She'll say she forgives you and leaves. During visits, she has taken wallets and will max every card. She does this digitally so there is no trail. She has taken phones and stolen from PayPal, Cash App and Venmo. She'll steal the hotel key, have people over, charge everything to the room and try to extend the stay by claiming to be your fianc. Emily has an ability to read people. If you confront her with evidence , she'll tell you stories of an abusive relationship, how she was ripped off by a client or her family (who forced her into prostitution), or a family medical emergency. She'll show you pictures to prove this, apologize and tell you how you saved her, how amazing you are and she'll make it up to you. She can cry at will and knows how to use seduction, pity and anger. Do not ever leave an open drink or food near her. She has drugged many who wake up with nothing - no clothes, no money and no phone. If she can't rob you, it evolves into the most insidious part of her scam. She will make you believe that even though she's always asking for money, she loves you and you're different. She'll contact you again and offer to pay for the hotel to meet with her. She'll text you constantly asking for money, send seductive pictures and ask to see you. She'll cancel these at the last minute, send a picture of the emergency, say she'll make it up to you and how the money saved her. She'll tell you she loves you, but once you run out of money or figure out the con, you'll never see her again. To stay out of trouble, she'll make you think that it's your fault or a misunderstanding between friends. Men have changed their stories. She's a pro at doing this, you're no different than anyone else she conned. She believes that she's "found God", that her "heart and intentions are pure" and this is for her daughter, so any "sins" she commits are justified. She has moved that child to Dayton, Tulsa, Louisiana, Michigan, Arkansas, Florida and California. Each time because of a new con. Her daughter has been in Child Protective Services more time there than with her real family.

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I tried to meet this girl back in Tulsa, I'm glad I didn't. There's also a report about STDs on her.
Jan 05 2021 12:27 PM
What a tramp.
Jan 06 2021 06:00 PM

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