Jehovah Witnesses - Having convicted felons going door to door
6 months ago
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I had two Jehovah's witnesses come to my door peddling their Memorial of Jesus death. So I asked them their names. One was old and in their religion many years one was new. I listened to them and said sorry I took up your time but was not interested. Then as they staryed to go one got a phone call from his parole officer about where he was. Turns Out He was a state prison parole. So you never know who these people are. Could of been using it as cover to case places.And yes they do not check backgrounds of their people. So beware 

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No worser than Avon sellers or solicitors, you take a chance with any stranger you allow in. And Jehovah Witnesses are not peddlers or solicitors as they're not asking for money
Mar 19 2023 07:09 AM

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