WellSpace Health aka Strategies For Change - WellSpace Health aka Strategies For Change Hires DoGFucKeR Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones

Addiction Counselor at Strategies For Change aka WellSpace Health in Sacramento and is not a great addiction counselor as she is rude and never lets you talk even though Jillian ask questions she never lets you answer and it’s about her her her and I’m the addict going to see her as my therapist!! Then like 2 weeks ago Jillian asked about dogs and hinted around about dogs and sex and it was super creepy.  I ended up googleing her name and the facility and wowwwwww the place is awful as it hires criminals such as ………..Please GOOGLE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! Beware in Sacramento CA !! 

Yes you guessed it!! Jillian fuc** dogs and was convicted of bestiality 286.5PC in Sacramento CA and kinks out Makenna and Allison Quist names in Porn videos with Daddy Ryan Jeffrey Quist In taboo kink incest daddy daughter role play Porn videos playing the sex game hymenAndSEEK that Ryan developed!! Also Jillian is a racist bigot and uses the Nword in several videos that are online!!  




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