Thief - Car Break Ins
1 year ago
On person
Category Crime

Looking for information on how thieves circumvent the car alarm to break in and damage cars.

We have a thief who needs some Arabic style hand chopping. Is this like a federal crime or does organized crime like the mob have access to these?

I keep telling them to mind their boundaries but lunatics in Merchantville NJ need a beat down. 

I would like to hire a thug for some street justice.

We have scum from Camden here who think they have a nice enclave to thug it up.

I frequently get stalled and followed by crazy latino men who tell me I can't type on my cell phone.

Just wondering does anyone work at Comarco Meat Products, some of us have our internet routed near there.?

I feel like we have a serial killer in the region. Alot of socios work in factories in Camden.

A big scary field in Camden NJ.

Does anyone normal care?

Contact the FEDS and tell them what you know.

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