Spectrum Cable Syracuse - diacrimitive hiring practice
6 months ago
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How do you pick your employees. Just because you got hiring quotas for how many people of color, sex, male female. To hire someone whose not qualified for a position iver someone who is because you don't have enough if that "TYPE" OF person in your crew is not only diacrimitive it's illegal. So anyone who applies to work at Spectrum in Syracuse and doesn't get hired that's probaly why.

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Just file a discrimation complaint with the New York State Labor Department. https://www.employmentlawhelp.org/cpc/general?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=new%20york%20labor%20laws&utm_content=581602238579&utm_campaign=EL++Trial+Campaign&__egma[MatchType]=b&__egma[Network]=g&__egma[Device]=m&__egma[Creative]=581602238579&__egma[Placement]=&__egma[AdPosition]=&gclid=CjwKCAjwkMeUBhBuEiwA4hpqEE0LSQ1bPvgp1OjYNdc-v__sBlbUhOK8VyBFiikxFY0S9BBIriM8LhoCgG8QAvD_BwE
May 28 2022 07:19 AM

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