Shoe Zepeda - Lasers and electronic weapons
1 year ago
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Category Abuse

So , last summer and part of this year my neighbors were given lasers to use to interrupt our sleep. They called out “we have weapons” I woke up to the feeling described by American politicians in Cuba  called “Havana Syndrome” intense ear ringing pressure to my chest and left side cranium pressure. It felt like I was being electrocuted. 

So they happen to be cops with connections to organized crime. I get human trafficked all over town , they let their friends follow and stalk me , tell me ISIS is my slave master threaten me, tell me they have more expensive shoes in their closet then my closet, I assume they have explored. They share my comments made on an iPhone to their gang friends.Why do the Feds not investigate crooked cops who play with Isis and day they are mercenaries. Why am I an innocent nice female harassed by secret police who have allegiance to ISIS ? 

Here’s my question. : where do I an innocent civilian purchase crowd control devices to use on my neighbor’s gorilla heads this summer? To let them feel the pressure for targeting chics living in the suburbs as Isis? Does the army reserves check if they have ISIS members on the list? 

Can some feminist group like vine live in my house and target his head until he stops harassing and trying to harm women. He sent my neighbor to the hospital and everyone looks tyevityer way. 

Where do I purchase a last string enough to voyeur and target their ISIS left ear head? 

Can someone In organized crime lend us a laser? 

It’s the right thing to do. 

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