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Would anyone care to inform about the placing and capabilities of regional surveillance drones? I had read that a drone can spy on your internet activities , view inside homes and use signals to block surveillance cameras. I have caught signals interference , look out and see a huge military drone, popped up in the sky when this occurs.  There seems to be some organized crime access to these drones. Like not just for surveilling in crime prevention. I often wonder why do they target innocent citizens who don’t have any kind of crime going down. Just a thought, who is controlling these drones? Why are they far out then close to homes. I can actually feel the signal they emit which gives me migraine and tinnitus.When I started investigating gang stalking and unlawful mind control via elf and emf I thought that sounds wack until I became targeted myself. A citizen 4 shall we say.  Who answers to the public about what these huge drones do at night? 

I mean we have had unlawful entry , property damage , theft and the drones don’t do anything to organized crime. I as a citizen an appalled that they look the other way for criminals doing open air prostitution,  drug dealing and gang activity. 

Someone needs to talk about what drones are doing to the social fabric of our lives. Who hasn’t taken a picture of their boobs or as* as a joke. But when your neighbor intercepts private data and talks about it freely that is a crime. 

Anyhow out there like a Lockheed Martin, NSA, FBI agent care to divulge. Why do citizens constantly worry and say we have bee taken over by a communist dictator? 

Secret police are unlawful yet they come in from other countries and take top jobs from Americans. I have interacted with some of them and these Nazis will ki** you if they feel like it. Who is watching secret police STAZI from other countries? My block is full of them. They say wack sh** threaten you, accuse you of being a Pentecostal Christian if you investigate cults. Stalk you to foreign beaches and want to get busy when one of the cult wives is home pregnant. They are wack like straight out of Russia. Like they think like the Kremlin. I just yelled at a a Nazi and years of stalking. 

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It’s a dream of mine that some day one of my neighbors had the Feds arrive and gets carted away for being involved with you know being a traitor , being secret police of a foreign regime, working in us govt and targeting those who are not ISIS. Imagine the accolade if you as a democratic thinker working in the Feds decided to get ISIS and the mob in prison? This whole county would charge. I can’t believe police officers go to work and are hush about other fellow officers who are involved in ISIS or are taking payments from foreign countries creating a Stazi.. Why not just target these scum of earth traitors and get the justice we all deserve for being threatened by them and victims of crime and terrorism. Just because someone has kids, like Saddam Hussein doesn’t mean they are worthy of getting payments from our own military and a state salary for being a nazi. I mean ISIS what hypocrites. If the FBI knocked on my door and offered me a chance to get the fu** away from these psychos I would inform. Just like when the Holocaust was happening there were the few who funnels people out and informed . Hitler is done and going down if you want it to happen. ISIS is bunk.
Jan 09 2022 01:47 PM

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