Mathew Crist - But wait there's MORE!

Matt Matt Matt look who doesn't have any charges OR warrants...ts tsssss DUDE UR A FKIN SNITCH!!! LETS not mention also a fkin LIAR!!! look at what you have caused to get outta charges! Shame on you lol I know one thing this little game you started is gonna only get better for everyone BUT you! I mean really look in the mirror who's the slimiest of them all? While ...ha ...culd it really beeeeee? How tha fk are you gonna take urself out of the situation Matthew? Cuz your NOT that's what! You wouldn't guess in 20 lifetime's who knows everything and lol who am I? Jeez I dunno. I promise if it's the last thing I do I'm gonna make sure you are EXPOZED. we don't want that now do we. Since your a fkin cop. Never to be trusted. There are certain places for people like you! Ur day is coming. I can't wait can you? Lmao ur dumb thinking hmm I'll just take and implicate everyone but MYSELF MR RINGLEADER HIMSELF. are u sleeping okay at night? I I know I am knowing where ur headed. What a fabulous idea? What? I can't hear you??!!! First start with I'm Matt and I'm a cop I mean snitch and a fat loser.....ok...homework lol Def don't know how to do that either. Stupid ya punch urself be continued 

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