Jehivahs Witnesses - Even though they say they're politically and religious neutral they support Hamas
1 month ago
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The Jehovah Witnesses are big supporters of Israel Hamas organization. Even though they preach neutrality non political or Apostate religions they accept .  Giving support and money to the Hamas organization from donations from their congregations through their governing body. Secretly.  If you have a Kingdom Hall in your neighborhood or town I'd protest in front of it to have it shut down.  If the Witnesses come to your house call the cops on them for their slanderous material and demeanor. Stop them in their tracks and public witnessing.  Do not support them one penny.  Know the true meaning of them. 

Comments About Jehivahs Witnesses

They are a strange bunch of people. They came to my house knew my name from a printout asked them how they got it and said through a site that gives homeowners names addresses and phone numbers. Would not tell me the source only that it is public information. Creepy people. I asked if their witnesses were background checked and he said no we are all witnesses for Jehovah. Told them to get. So beware of who you talk to or let in your house.
Nov 02 2023 09:12 AM
Do to the recent violence at Kingdom Halls. They now have armed security there. Also one person in their field service group will have a concealed carry weapon on them to protect the flock of witnesses going door to door. Can't wait for this sinereo to escalate into innocent people getting killed
Nov 09 2023 06:05 AM

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