Jeannie hottinger Dennison - Snitching adulteress hoe

Yea she snitching b----, & HOE , cheating on her husband, never faithful to any man, just uses they to get what she wants, & treats them like sh**, she snitching how working with DEA to get charges dropped , turned my friend Ronnie shoemaker in 2006, . She worthless piece of vomit, . She lay with a hog if she could turn her piglets in.  She is biggest snitch in Rockingham/Shenandoah county

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drug informant
3 years ago person

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Wow, what happened with this story? What's the back story?
Oct 03 2022 08:42 AM
Snitching on people from Rockingham county, Shenandoah county , Augusta county, to Roanoke va, she turned my friend Shawna Maynard in & her own friend April Ritchie Riggleman. She is a low life scum
Nov 05 2022 05:47 PM
She snitched on dewayne Miller & CK price,. Snitching trying get charges dropped, she is a stinking HOE,. She spread her legs for any man, snitched on Shawna Maynard, my friends April Riggleman, & Ronnie shoemaker. She probably blowing her lawyer & prosecutor to get charges dropped. Biggest talking snitch. & A. Lieing snitch to. She is TROUBLE!!!!
Nov 18 2022 01:48 PM
Well she snitch on her friend Laurie corral. ,She lies to cops &DEA. She trouble
Dec 12 2022 04:04 PM
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