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1 year ago
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Illuminat and cults

Really tired of thugs at the Jersey Shore...

They come out to thug it up.

Then tell you they live here now, and you have to move...

They go on camera as being inclusive and for togetherness 

Yet, once again they position a yacht out in the sea, and I get swarmed by assholes...

The beach is for everyone and not for cults that bully you if you don't have kids with you.

Some illuminat have kids everywhere...ok and your job as a human, if you are one is to not disrespect the time of citizens.

We live under the stress of covid and war caused by them and then they have the audacity to show up and try to annoy, harass, threaten

Their mind is so abusive and focused on controlling others who shouldn't be...

We are tired of you throwing your assh*** selves and your immoral, snakish way

You should hide and be in a bunker... 

You bring terrorists over, you bring Russian secret police over

You want to destroy the world.

You like NSA sex, bit you control others relationships

You bring horrible non-humans to the beach

You are evil. You torture people. Mind control the masses. Do not believe in free will.

You reward evil because in your core you are evil. You live in dungeons and don't care about nice people you trample on them.

We want the beach to ourselves.

Stop stalking us.

Take your red plane and stick it up your ass.

Comments About Iluminat

I once had an encounter with a short rude I thought Russian thug who positioned himself next door to me in Spain. His friends were so loud I had to call the hotel front desk twice. Loud obnoxious mean , rude voices. He brought my neighbors party from the US to Spain because he’s a di**. I was: shocked when I heard him yell out for M “Let her call the police!” They were obnoxious until 3 am when they passed out from drugs and when I saw the room , door opened from the maid it was trashed. Now I think I know who the Red Baron is. Send him to Russia with no arms for his fate. What a di**.
May 23 2022 02:15 AM
Friend of Polansky..... from Russia Expats from the US
May 23 2022 03:28 AM
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