Where criminals are welcome.

Can I make drug deals in the pews?

Cani be a polygamist and be a member. Yes. We are non denominational and we really worship Lucifer and manna over being “good”

Ask Jose Rodriguez if I can have some ISIS connections and do van attacks in town?

We like prison caps and prisoners are welcome.

Where machismo and swinging are cool. 

Torture white chics and gang up without prosecution.

We’ve got the devil in our hands. 

Enslave white people who speak up.

Drive whites out of town with emf from drones placed all over our  “kingdom”

We advertise we are “up” with the drones that took control of the region. 

Sexually harass white chics and have cult members stalk them everywhere . Abuse women who don’t join our racist  church for Satan.

Go on swinging retreats for Satan’s sea boxes.

You can be all you can be.

Tune out tune into our cult koolaid. 

We are mind-controlled to hate individuality. We stalk to foreign countries to retrieve our slaves.

OK or no $

Comments About Higher Place Drone Church

It’s wack and run by aliens, you know the ufo kind. Chic is a shape shifting demon. Dangerous and manipulative. A real Charlatan devil. Better off taking a vacation over tithing for Jim & Tammy Baker 2021. Phony Balonies.
Nov 20 2021 06:45 PM
https://proudtobeanchristian.blogspot.com/2009/10/satanists-freemasons-infiltrate.html?m=1 Pray for peace.
Nov 20 2021 07:08 PM
They need to add a couple of evening services a couple of times a week , keep them out of trouble and from gang stalking normal well balanced humans. Real churches spread love not hate. I can’t believe the stupidity and rudeness of phony Christians. Nice people do not “gang” members of the sane community. Feds should investigate funding and members. Where do they get funding?
Nov 21 2021 11:52 PM

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