FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Sniitch? Sniitch can be used to share what you know about a person, company or school. You can share any information that you know to be true, including a secret about someone, your favorite restaurant and what's delicious, review a product, share a bad experience, share a tip, give someone a shoutout. These are just a few ways, of many, you can use this Sniitch. You can also view what others are saying.

Do I have to write something negative? Absolutely not! Sniitch is a way for you to express yourself. You can share what you know to be true and your experiences, which can be positive or negative.

Why is my link inactive? We display all links as inactive to avoid misuse of the site by spammers. However, for a nominal fee (promote your link), we can activate a legitamate link.