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Zack Powers

Snitch Subject: fed informant/snitch

Meth addict punk as* bit**
Category: Shoutout Added: 2013-10-20 13:55:09 Year: 2013 Country: United States State: NE City: Omaha ZIP: 68102

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fed informant/snitch


He's got alot of people caught up. SWERVE
posted on Oct 20 2013 01:57:18 PM

Because of that guy my sisters doing 10yrs for meth a 1,000 miles away from her family everyone needs to stay away from him unless your beating him
posted on Oct 20 2013 07:27:18 PM

Heard dat
posted on Dec 01 2014 08:45:30 AM

Fu** you guys. You all dont know a damn thing. Zack is my fiance and the stories and rumors about him arw ridiculous and totally false. Ive seen all the paper for every case and for the people who try to accuse him. Get your facts straight assh**** because Zack is actually a really great guy and a loyal, good friend to have.
posted on May 30 2015 11:01:03 PM

Well cu**. Your SNITCH BIT** AS* fiance is a RAT who needs his as* beat! Just cuz ur suckin his di** don't mean the POS is a down dude. Down with OPD alright. Fu** you and ur fag*** as* fiance. OBVIOUSLY the dude that has a sister convicted would fuc*** KNOW . im sure hes got her paperwork aka discovery from her case, dipshit. your dumbass will get caught up too if it hasn't already. stfu. ur boy's a fu***** SNITCHHHHHH!
posted on Jun 28 2016 12:55:00 AM

Zach is most definitely a fu***** rat fu** witch time we talking about there's about 15 different cases were he snitched and if you sight with that fu***** puke fu** you to and if got problem with it come see me on dat eastside
posted on Dec 20 2016 08:31:00 PM

Yes I know for a fact zack powers is a b**** as* snitch cuz he set a good friend of mine up at a hotel and got him 8 years in the feds! Zack is a punk bit** rat bastard
posted on Dec 21 2016 12:52:15 PM

Atf informant # 1387 peice of sh**
posted on Sep 21 2017 02:58:51 AM

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