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Short AND thin! Lmaoooo. He lies about and hides his size for as many dates as he can, wasting women’s time while hoping we will develop feelings bigger than his itty bitty dicky. I asked two girls I know who dated him and they both told me he did the same to them! Lol I literally could not stroke it up and down without using two fingers because it’s too skinny and short to even wrap a hand around. After dumping this little di** loser I woke up to TEN missed calls and a novel of texts explaining to me why it’s not technically a micro penis, lmao. Could have fooled me, loser! Lol. Spread the word, ladies!
Category: Secret Added: 2019-08-09 12:08:35 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: MO City: Kansas City ZIP: 64138

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Super Tiny Penis


Haaaa I partied in college with his ex and she cheated on him literally every weekend guess now I know why lol. Also whoever sent me this link sounds like a total b****. At my friends and we all laughed not gonna lie but this site is not ok!!!
posted on Aug 09 2019 12:18:01 PM

Wow. I don’t know if I should tell him about this or not and yea wut a bit** lmao
posted on Aug 09 2019 12:20:40 PM

Lmaooo this is the snitch and I can’t stop laughing hahahahaha. Super super tempted to post a link to pics of his widdle willy lol hmm..
posted on Aug 10 2019 03:07:46 AM

Lol! Who wrote this she’s my hero
posted on Aug 10 2019 03:08:35 AM

This post is a breath a fresh air. So sick of seeing post after post about women who are "whores" or "cheaters" but never anything about the guys.
posted on Aug 16 2019 07:24:45 PM

Omg lol I feel bad laughing but can't help it. Too bad too. He's a cutie!
posted on Sep 01 2019 07:13:08 AM

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