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Yesenia Barrientos

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Lives in Georgia and is a crack smoking snitch. She will gather info and snitch and she works as an informant. She messes up other's life so she can stay free and smoke crack. She is also a well known prostitute. She was born in Puerto Rico, missing a front tooth, fat, black hair, has a son and is stink. When she is not on crack then she acts like she knows god for a few days then back to crack for the rest of the month. She has pull down many many drug dealers and Mexicans. She is 35 years old as of 2013 and born in November. She is from Winder, GA and have had sex with everything from her dog to her step father to her brother Eric to her uncles.
Category: Bear My Soul Added: 2013-04-07 02:08:42 Year: 2003 Country: United States State: GA City: Jonesboro

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Crack head snitch


These crack-heads are always snitching and blaming the crack, yet its them that is putting it in their system. I hope they all die out.
posted on Apr 07 2013 02:10:42 AM

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