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So I'm thinking of video taping my boyfriend while he eats me up! It's a huge turn on, but considering what happens to sex tapes, I'm a bit hesistant. Any suggestions??
Category: Advice Added: 2011-02-27 20:58:28 Year: 2011 Country: United States State: CA City: yum yum

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Don't capture his face!
posted on Mar 04 2011 07:51:47 PM

That will be a Keeping the camera focused only on his mouth and tongue while he makes me moan with pleasure.
posted on Mar 06 2011 07:43:33 PM

Setup a hands-free stationary camera and enjoy.
posted on Mar 07 2011 11:12:00 PM

Maybe, I'll just have his friend video tape us...cuz he's pretty fiiiiinnnne himself ;-) As they say, the more the merrier!!
posted on Mar 08 2011 10:39:21 PM

I thought three was a crowd. Perfect way to get plastered all over the internet.
posted on Mar 09 2011 07:19:46 PM

So how come no one else is commenting on my snitch except the damn site administrator? Lame! lol
posted on Mar 11 2011 12:28:42 AM

#1 What do you look like...heh #2 I would be willing to hold the cam . #3 uh...
posted on Mar 29 2011 01:04:11 AM

a yo hit me up ill hold it and eat it
posted on Apr 01 2011 10:16:47 AM

now that's my kind of guy...multi like ;)
posted on Apr 06 2011 11:14:26 PM

Do it you only live once
posted on Apr 14 2019 04:35:27 PM

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