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What are these amoebas? Find them and place them in a zoo for us to observe. Feed them out of a slop bucket. Swear I have seen both in my hometown halfway house. Hope police find these Cons. Jails were meant for detritus like this. https://patch.com/pennsylvania/philadelphia/pair-sought-assault-robbery-philadelphia
Category: Crime Added: 2020-02-13 19:06:13 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: PA City: Philadelphia

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Check out the evil devil smile on the chic. The dude looks like he just ate a relaxing dinner, sociopathic nut. The beard looks like Zimmerman’s giant figurine. I love surveillance cams and cops that retrieve video as they should. In that small area of Philadelphia it’s a matter of time before they bounce into a crack house and get recognized. Posting in hope of justice for the innocent human walking.
posted on Feb 13 2020 07:13:25 PM

The chic appears to have numb lips as she weirdly naws on her own guns , isn’t that like meth? He’s slimmed down a bit looks like the effects of a new heroin addiction. Gorilla arms that hang down like a goon.
posted on Feb 13 2020 07:20:12 PM

Gums I meant, nawing on gums.
posted on Feb 13 2020 07:21:30 PM

The more you make fun of others the more insecure you are about yourself. Notice how confident and secure people don't have the time or the desire to cut others down? Unfortunately for you there's probably people saying the same crap about your face. That sh** has a way of going full circle and coming right back at you in the end.
posted on Feb 16 2020 02:52:17 AM

Duh. Detritus that mug people are criminals. Are you a criminal? Or a criminal cop? I found criminals that hang out in my neighborhood. Do you want them in your community? That is why half way houses are usually not desired. Do you look up to people like them? You have never seen my face .
posted on Feb 18 2020 03:53:50 AM

The behavior on the video is bizarre and socially unacceptable .
posted on Feb 18 2020 03:55:02 AM

Lol what kind of sh** goes full circle moron? These lowlifes are criminals. Are you one of the criminals in the video? Meth , heroin it al makes people crazy. I love watching a rewatching the video. It reminds me of how messed up our world is. Lol you sound like your a terrorist sympathizer. Lol just say what you are.
posted on Feb 18 2020 04:00:22 AM

all You’re Overtype function needs a fixing on this site. Highly educated blogger All I know is keep these low life m fers out of our nj suburbs. The strange thing is I’m driving and 2 times I thought I saw the chic in the video. Demonic evil skin shifting voodoo witch. If she’s another heroin addict cop informant we are really corrupt in NJ and need a total police overhaul.
posted on Feb 18 2020 04:06:08 AM

Assshole watch “Deliverance” then you will understand white trash panic. Even white folks cringe when whites trash moves in.
posted on Feb 18 2020 04:08:30 AM

Can a cop answer why it often seems like cops sympathize with criminals and allow nice upstanding people to be harassed by trash, ghetto , gang bangers? White trash the only race that will rape you then say you are abusing them!
posted on Feb 18 2020 04:12:57 AM

The criminal dropped “Circle Thrift” he may be hinting at mugging again. I’d send the neighborhood watch to Fishtown and Collingswood. I’ve seen these two take the Patco train and they are threat to public safety.
posted on Feb 18 2020 04:17:26 AM

The Joke: ha ha ha https://youtu.be/N3pv_HSrKzE
posted on Feb 18 2020 04:53:50 AM

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