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first of all what is the biggest junkies I know .....let me start off with my mom's 50th Anniversary ring she had it two weeks and this chick stole it out of my house sat on it for a year and then sold it 46 Grand you look at that should see if you let her in your house so why are you smartest chick and she doesn't use her brain uses their thing between your legs to get what she wants her dog and if she gets caught by the cops you out faster than s*** and she's definitely not a one-man woman not even closeshe loses her mom 49 sleeps all day doesn't help clean up the house or nothing not even looking for a job everything but her face not even that anymore I got pictures I posted ,this is got this ex-boyfriend that she comes up with terrible terrible twos me and you together or just Wicked so if you ever run into windy pond don't want your s*** f****** missing keep her out of your house and whatever you do don't stick your di** in it because I fall off first then fall off
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fat Rat and a thief and a liar


here's a quote from her boyfriend pick her up she said her pus** smell because she just got done sucking some other dudes all night and you take a shower before he f***** her that's pretty f****** nasty to
posted on May 06 2016 10:18:55 PM

Well I have to agree with what I could understand of your comment anyway. Periods and comma's would be nice and would make it so much easier to read. Almost seems like something Anthony would write except the spelling is better than what he is usually capable
posted on Jul 23 2016 09:25:25 PM

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