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Victoria D.

Snitch Subject: 805 Sl** who** dirty easy

This sl** will do anything in her power to look and sound innocent to cover up her tracks. She's a dirty big mouth 2 face sl** who sleeps around with her Baby daddy friends. She loves to suck di** behind the bleachers and getting rammed in the as*. She a cu* dumpster and she loves it dripping out her belly button. That's why she doesn't have her daughter and starts drama for her baby daddy who she can't get over and let him live his own life with his new family. If you know this girl beware she will use you until she has no need of you anymore. She walks up and down Lompoc getting fuc*** by married men. She will throw her thot as* Pus** to every man she sees even in front of her daughter. She's bad news and a walking Disease be careful who you friend as she is known to get at her friends man. I recently found out she slept with my man and I'm no longer her friend now she's can keep his dirty di**. Advice for all you women/men out their fyi I was once her close friend so beware.!
Category: Advice Added: 2016-12-01 08:39:26 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: CA City: Poc town

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805 Sl** who** dirty easy

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