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Tyanna Bogstie


This bit** is straight psycho. She pretends to be normal to get you to let her move into your home or become her friend then once shes got your trust she starts going thru all your personal things, financial documents, absolutely EVERYTHING looking for ways to rip you off or con you out of something. She works with her man whos in prison on scams etc. She steals items from your home, manipulates you into giving her cash, buying things for her etc. She acts like this sweet, godfearing, southern girl but its all part of the con. When she doesnt get her way she will make false accusations against you to the cops, call your place of employment and tell them lies, falsely accuse you of some kind of child molestaton (and as we all know it only takes an accusation like that to ruin someone's life, no proof needed). She is vindictive aa hell and just plain evil. She uses the religious angle to get you to trust her and is very attractive young blonde and she uses that to her benefit. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS ONE OR YOU WILL BE CAUGHT UP IN HER GAMES AND ITS NOT EASY TO GET FREE OF.
Category: Fraud Added: 2017-10-12 01:34:20 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: ID City: Boise/Nampa/Caldwell/Meridian

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Is this person on Fb? I'm going to look them up to be noisey. I will screenshot the post and send it to them. Let's start Drama
posted on Oct 17 2017 05:52:34 AM

Thats fuc*** up and stupid as sh**. Im too old for that highschool sh**. And who the fu** do you think is going to feel the ramifications of your little game? Not you. So ya youre all hot to start drama when its not going to affect you. Fu***** lame. If youve got that much time on your hands you can come wash my car.
posted on Oct 20 2017 08:04:40 PM

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