Troy lee Donihoo - A severe meth n ghb addict

This man is also a women abuiser.Is NEVER sober n getting so bad his brain is eaten up by dope.He is a danger to himself and others

2019-05-18 20:39:04
Hi Troy lol.Am i lying..You know damn well im not.You dont have the right to show any physical force on a women and you dont have the right to play mental games with her.You did the same thing to Kay .And NO ONE gets away with the crap you did in probation. I don't care if it's Mother Teresa , the law is the law and everybody has to follow it. Then you're released early come on little bit of time of your probation fees failed how many drug tests and you're released early come on.People are not stupid.on the outside, you seem like the sweetest nicest guy soft-spoken never raises his voice and nicest guy anybody would ever meet but when you date somebody ,behind four walls, you are a crazy, jealous,controlling, manipulating monster
2019-07-06 16:43:19
Thats not even a real name youre talking to a troll don't feed em
2019-07-07 17:37:53

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