Tony Odell ( is a dead beat dad he has a daughter who is almost 10 he has never baught her ne gift never paid for one diaper never initiated contact hasn't seen her since she was 18months old every time I speak to him I encourage him to have a relaionship with his daughter he claims his wife Jessica(facebook addy wants a paternity test but they never take steps to get one saying Tony always blames Jessica that she won't let him build a relationship with his daughter to me it is both at fault one if u r a man man up and if you are a mother and u lay your head next to a deadbeat you r a Bad mom Marvin Odell(who is suppose to be a former pastor and also the owner of Musdoke Productions) Tony's father knows her name and mine yet no one in the family has tried to contact her or me to build a relationship with her my daughter cries because she is ostasized ignoring a child that is part of your family is emotional ABUSE they are no better than a parent that beats there kids they all need to learn right from wrong because obviously they don't know it

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