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tn,welfare., tn. come on really

Snitch Subject: all tn. that stupid.really?????

guess lotta olde folks running.Young folks could smell chelsea that hasnt emptied nasty stuff.Chelsea is 20 + wont wash because welfare has pity.Want to see why she is stanky . She will showv ya how she getas money for drugs.Continue youll see how she thanks She really thanks her black relatives.She has black kin cause Guess.Chelsea enjoys black boys cause the smells thew same.Ask about Simone E Calloway.Chelsea wiil not work cause a job interferes with meth and heroin.Chelsea cantn get out of bed till 2 pm. cause of drug hangovers. They stole things from me but never soap. Chelsea hasnt washed her stanky self for at least9 years.She is now taken to truck stops and Bar parking lots.Where in her backseat she sucks and blows with her children watching.IVE told TEnn. Welfare but we know whats up there . Right Chelsea is claiming the other 3 husbands and 4 more children . Chelsea has.How to rip off welfare. . a book . Seems tenn. Is the most stupid as of yet.Are families still doing it She is screwi all her fami .Is tenn. Still this fucke . Im sorry to have been born.Volunteer state my ass.Should be ince capital.You pay these lowlifes to screwe . But Chelseas Brot ., Cous ., husba., cant work a job cause messes up drug ab .Comeon are citizens in Tenn really this fuc up???What about 7 thousand dollars they stole from me im sure that was entered as income.The 6 thousand they stole was reported to welfare? Ive reported this to welfare.Nothing done. Tenn welfare checks for drugs.Thats Bull sh**. Chelsea is all over the web showing how she earns drugs and shows how thankfull she is to the 9 black boys.Please never look Chelsea has got to be way beyond help. Really see where her black daughter came from. CHELSEA IS THE MOST TRASHY C N T ever. Never met Chelsea is the biggest Drug Who e ever.Any family that has chi . in the family. Kinda like Chelsea is fuckuin cousins and married on. These retarts are all in bread.Thats why the lo. These folks are related. CXhelsea has been fuc anyone for cigarettesChelseas husband is not only her bro oops her cou but trying to pass as . Never knew what they dos le . Chelseas got boy and husb. These folks are Think they are from GAinbread . See where retard
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all tn. that stupid.really?????


some really weird familes such as guess still fu** Chelsea thats where the word in bread comes from.I think you should tell the two now fu***** you but as much as you fu all just li other retar . Its not only illiegal but imm.trash s. Been told your porn with you really t5du
posted on Feb 17 2018 02:19:10 AM

Chelsea Caldwell fuc** only relatives
posted on Feb 17 2018 02:23:04 AM

And I've seen several posts from you regarding this person and her friends and or family. I can only imagine how much time you spend posting this stuff. I'm sure there's truth to most of it but it seems to me that you're still allowing them to take from you by letting them live rent-free in your head on an ongoing basis. Put it behind you my friend and move on. Thanks for the heads up.
posted on Feb 27 2018 12:37:51 AM

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