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Timmy Burdick

Snitch Subject: THIS DON'T SHOCK ME...

http://fav-meth-head-of-the-day.com/2017/9/26/timothy-p-burdick-47-of-maplewood-accused-of-rape-kidnapping-15 yr. old-while-under-the-influence-of-methamphetamine/
Category: Crime Added: 2018-01-01 22:27:37 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: MN City: Hinkley

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Yeah, it don't SHOCK me..... and all these views and nobody can comment. Sounds like him. So slick but, not smooth...
posted on Jan 09 2018 04:56:44 AM

Tim may be a lot of things but he ain’t no rapist or pedifile. Who ever put him out there like that is fuc*** up. Probably a scorned woman. Keep it real and get over it.
posted on Oct 27 2018 04:07:09 PM

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