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Narc to save his own filthy as*!!
Category: Shoutout Added: 2018-05-27 10:22:23 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: ID City: Bellevue ZIP: ID

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Yes he sure did, and people are still dealing with this rat.
posted on Jul 25 2018 11:02:48 PM

He certainly did his telephone numbers ***-***-**** he lives on **************. The girl that He is seeing is also, Nonalita Chavez on FB her # is ***-***-****
posted on Sep 05 2018 10:40:12 AM

***-***-**** is an update to Tighe Bear's phone number.... somebody needs to deal with this snitch
posted on Sep 11 2018 07:45:23 PM

Audra hairston-willis. You are a meth addict and a narc you admitted to it in a text that has been shown around the entire town. You boot it up along with whatever you can find. You are obsessed with tighe he does not want you. stop stalking his house and taking pictures of his driveway and calling a missing report on his supposed girlfriend stop calling his phone and his family members you are a lunatic go make some more half black meth babies or go back to rehab cuz you said it yourself in your text I'm a narc watch out. Tighe does not want you. Please get help for your drug addiction and your mental health please
posted on Sep 12 2018 06:23:29 PM

Everybody knows, where's there's a snitch there's a liar. Now you're going to have to prove that she did all of this, because she is neither a snitch nor a liar. She's being bullied by two and couldn't care less about either one of them LOL
posted on Sep 15 2018 03:04:51 PM

First of all to all the ladies out there running and gunning towards wanting to be with Tighe, you’re disgusting. The guy is gross. How do you curl up to his sores at night and in your head think that’s a keeper?? Get real. Have some dignity all of you. Dealing with scum narcs is BAD enough but to add insult to injury you all trying to be with him? Yuck. You Audra need your head punched and Nona, you gonna get your intervention here real quick. It would behoov you to pay attention when the family comes knocking. Might be your only saving grace.
posted on Sep 17 2018 01:40:44 PM

First off, I do NOT want to be with him - EVER. I am not dealing with these ppl. So, believe what you want, but dont come at me child...
posted on Sep 17 2018 04:32:34 PM

He WAS a friend but IS a friend no longer. Thank you
posted on Sep 17 2018 04:35:17 PM

Audra don’t get it twisted. I know the situation “child”. So take your lying as* somewhere else. I’ve seen plenty of how you behaved throughout this entire sh** show and bit** you don’t even know I’m paying attention because you and I would never hang out. I would never keep company with someone who runs towards shooting dope at your age (googling how to, yes I even know about that too Audra) and trying to cry baby about how this rat doesn’t want your crazy as*. I also know about the mole station accusations you put on to family members to make excuses for your whacked out behavior. I know more about you then you know about you and I’ve never even formally met you. So save the denial game for your closest sh** show amigos because the truth is all there fu***** is.
posted on Sep 19 2018 07:51:29 AM

Audra go away..you are a snitch and a liar..and on meth yourself..your going to get yours
posted on Sep 19 2018 08:49:44 AM

OMG Your all so fu***** stupid... and childish - way to blast on someone without putting your name to it. And you don't "know" sh**. Keep on thinking and believing what you want.
posted on Sep 19 2018 11:57:57 AM

Arn't you on probation Audra And your phone number is ***-***-****. And I seen your name in the paper with the Chlamydia outbreak that's been going around. That's fu***** gross. Heard you had a new boyfriend. I'm gonna find out who is is and let him
posted on Sep 19 2018 02:34:14 PM

Audra a narc to save her own filthy as*
posted on Sep 20 2018 08:17:53 AM

Ohhhh, I'm guessing it Liz, right? You write better then Tighe ans Nona put together, so you must be a little smart... you know your boss is a friend of mine right? Didnt he tell you? He should be talking to you soon. And like I said lol believe what you want. But come in here running ya neck about sh** you dont know. Why dont you put yourself on most? Your a coward. Dirty who** as* your prob the one of the 5 with HIV lmao
posted on Sep 27 2018 12:48:01 AM

Haha and come punch me in the head dumb as*. It will be one of the last things you do "child". I dont do the banter, talking sh**..... I do for real! and if you wanna put yourself on blast, we can do just that , say it to my face! Bit** haha
posted on Sep 27 2018 12:51:45 AM

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