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Narc to save his own filthy as*!!
Category: Shoutout Added: 2018-05-27 10:22:23 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: ID City: Bellevue ZIP: ID

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Yes he sure did, and people are still dealing with this rat.
posted on Jul 25 2018 11:02:48 PM

He certainly did his telephone numbers ***-***-**** he lives on **************. The girl that He is seeing is also, Nonalita Chavez on FB her # is ***-***-****
posted on Sep 05 2018 10:40:12 AM

***-***-**** is an update to Tighe Bear's phone number.... somebody needs to deal with this snitch
posted on Sep 11 2018 07:45:23 PM

Audra hairston-willis. You are a meth addict and a narc you admitted to it in a text that has been shown around the entire town. You boot it up along with whatever you can find. You are obsessed with tighe he does not want you. stop stalking his house and taking pictures of his driveway and calling a missing report on his supposed girlfriend stop calling his phone and his family members you are a lunatic go make some more half black meth babies or go back to rehab cuz you said it yourself in your text I'm a narc watch out. Tighe does not want you. Please get help for your drug addiction and your mental health please
posted on Sep 12 2018 06:23:29 PM

Everybody knows, where's there's a snitch there's a liar. Now you're going to have to prove that she did all of this, because she is neither a snitch nor a liar. She's being bullied by two and couldn't care less about either one of them LOL
posted on Sep 15 2018 03:04:51 PM

First of all to all the ladies out there running and gunning towards wanting to be with Tighe, you’re disgusting. The guy is gross. How do you curl up to his sores at night and in your head think that’s a keeper?? Get real. Have some dignity all of you. Dealing with scum narcs is BAD enough but to add insult to injury you all trying to be with him? Yuck. You Audra need your head punched and Nona, you gonna get your intervention here real quick. It would behoov you to pay attention when the family comes knocking. Might be your only saving grace.
posted on Sep 17 2018 01:40:44 PM

First off, I do NOT want to be with him - EVER. I am not dealing with these ppl. So, believe what you want, but dont come at me child...
posted on Sep 17 2018 04:32:34 PM

He WAS a friend but IS a friend no longer. Thank you
posted on Sep 17 2018 04:35:17 PM

Audra don’t get it twisted. I know the situation “child”. So take your lying as* somewhere else. I’ve seen plenty of how you behaved throughout this entire sh** show and bit** you don’t even know I’m paying attention because you and I would never hang out. I would never keep company with someone who runs towards shooting dope at your age (googling how to, yes I even know about that too Audra) and trying to cry baby about how this rat doesn’t want your crazy as*. I also know about the mole station accusations you put on to family members to make excuses for your whacked out behavior. I know more about you then you know about you and I’ve never even formally met you. So save the denial game for your closest sh** show amigos because the truth is all there fu***** is.
posted on Sep 19 2018 07:51:29 AM

Audra go away..you are a snitch and a liar..and on meth yourself..your going to get yours
posted on Sep 19 2018 08:49:44 AM

OMG Your all so fu***** stupid... and childish - way to blast on someone without putting your name to it. And you don't "know" sh**. Keep on thinking and believing what you want.
posted on Sep 19 2018 11:57:57 AM

Arn't you on probation Audra And your phone number is ***-***-****. And I seen your name in the paper with the Chlamydia outbreak that's been going around. That's fu***** gross. Heard you had a new boyfriend. I'm gonna find out who is is and let him
posted on Sep 19 2018 02:34:14 PM

Audra a narc to save her own filthy as*
posted on Sep 20 2018 08:17:53 AM

Ohhhh, I'm guessing it Liz, right? You write better then Tighe ans Nona put together, so you must be a little smart... you know your boss is a friend of mine right? Didnt he tell you? He should be talking to you soon. And like I said lol believe what you want. But come in here running ya neck about sh** you dont know. Why dont you put yourself on most? Your a coward. Dirty who** as* your prob the one of the 5 with HIV lmao
posted on Sep 27 2018 12:48:01 AM

Haha and come punch me in the head dumb as*. It will be one of the last things you do "child". I dont do the banter, talking sh**..... I do for real! and if you wanna put yourself on blast, we can do just that , say it to my face! Bit** haha
posted on Sep 27 2018 12:51:45 AM

Audra you’re too easy of a target plus you’re a cop calling twat. Why would I want to invite the boys in blue to my front door for punching your worthless as* in the ear just to throw your equilibrium off to laugh while I watch you stumble around all dumb like? I am not interested in your sh** show. But it is kind of comedic really at this point.
posted on Oct 23 2018 09:32:14 AM

Hey mandi Patterson it didn't stop you from getting your nasty stinky pus** on his di**. You were the one that gave him the chlamydia. You were one of the worst druggie who'res in this town. Everyone called you man hole cause every man been in that whole. It's been blown out since high school. Why don't you pop those shots you keep in your purse. You drink and drive constantly. Let's hope you don't run over someone's kid. Speaking of kids we know you don't want them. But that's a good idea. Your and your homosexual husband are two of the ugliest people alive. Please don't breed. And speaking of your husband we all know he dumped you for another bit** and only came crawling back cause she dumped him and know one would want him. His best man us a junkie all your friends are meth addicts that boot up. You don't like Tighe cause your limp di** husband got caught. We all saw the girlfriend. And arc hires junkies too. Is the the god parents gonna be junkies if you do have a kid? We know it will be a retard cause you can't put the bottle down. All you do is run your mouth about everyone cause you are a pathetic ugly cu**. Your a gossip that's sane as a narc. We all know arc went to film a gay porn cause neither of you have the money to buy a huge house so you can pretend to be rich. I hope he wears a condum for the gay porn. You don't wanna get Aids. Shut your drunk ugly mouth you pathetic dirty greasy stinky pus** who**.
posted on Oct 24 2018 07:03:16 AM

Hey Audra Tighe isn't your type. Your the chick only the beaner will marry for papers. Your kids are half black go find another Nig*** or wet back to fu** your nasty who** as*. Its pretty bad when aldo loya dumpa you. Why don't you go back to him. He's sick of amanda. And the kid is his cousin. He might of forgiven you for all the times you put meth shards on your Assh*** so tweekers would eat it.
posted on Oct 24 2018 08:58:58 AM

Hey Autumn Bear, yes doll I know it’s your loud white trash mouth talkin all that bullshit. Mandi wasn’t even on this thread you psychotic delusional loud mouth knuckle dragging ape. Those who live in glass houses should be careful of where they undress. You’re a dope fiend along with all of your other siblings (save Troy...I think Troy’s a standup dude). The rest of your siblings can suck it including your retarded loud mouth. I think your parents must have stepped in some agent orange during the pregnancy with your stupid as* to get such a white trash daughter who appears to be the size of buffalo and who cannot stop her mouth from vomiting lies because you’re sitting there on your liars chair with the finger pointing and the halo strangling your fat neck. Everyone knows your jealous of Mandi because you’re mom likes her more than she likes her own daughter. I don’t blame her.
posted on Oct 28 2018 11:33:59 AM

I mean look at yourself. You fuc*** tony parsons for fuc** sake! Gross gross gross. Your vagina probably hangs like the sleeve of a fu***** wizard. Now be gone with your axe gash wound of a cu** and do something productive today like take a shower. You stink like fat people and cheese.
posted on Oct 28 2018 11:35:47 AM

It's mandi patterson hahabajaha bahahahaha hahabajaha bahahahaha lol hahabajaha bahahahaha hahabajaha put the bottle down drunko.
posted on Oct 29 2018 09:57:50 AM

Only a meth tard would stick up for trash
posted on Oct 29 2018 10:03:59 AM

Toby parson Wtf is that? Hahaha bahahahaha. Wow it must be team man hole. Only a meth tard would call troy a stand up guy. Hahaha bahahahaha hahabajaha arc must be back from filming his porno
posted on Oct 29 2018 10:17:39 AM

Must be Allison ward. Didn't your kid get molested? I heard karlie fuc*** ypu r boyfriend. Her name for you was front butt. We all know you being clean is never gonna last. To busy with your toung up karlies as*
posted on Oct 29 2018 10:33:07 AM

Yeah Alison ward. Didn't you loose half the teeth in your mouth from the meth you smoked? You'd stay in the bathroom at the gas stations for hours. You do go over to mandis and drink with her fag husband. We know your not clean. Why don't you go lick mandis nasty glit. It was probably kevin that molested your kid. Hahabajaha aldo loya is your baby daddy. Just go boot up already you're not fooling anyone you fat gross who**.
posted on Oct 29 2018 11:23:49 AM

Audra still mad Tighe doesn't want her
posted on Oct 29 2018 12:37:36 PM

Ohhh someone ruffled Autums feathers...Haha too fuc***’ funny. You’re a giant skunt Autumn who as far as anyone is concerned is a giant waste of space. You’re own mother can’t stand your pathetic white trash as* let alone the general public. You’re horse face is disturbing and you should get sent to Idaho’s badlands. Methtastic you and your narc brother Tighe are. Haha I wouldn’t fu** you with another mans di** that’s how manly you are. Sh** even that who** karlie ain’t got sh** on the amount of testosterone running through your thick gingery veins. Are you sure you’re even related to the rest of your family? Because it looks like your the unwanted red headed step child that everyone wishes they could just cover up like you never even were born. Your clam is probably big enough to swallow the ocean and is enough to make any man cry and run for the hills. I’m surprised you managed to even find a guy who would dare to jump into that deep dark abyss. Tony won’t claim it though. Haha bummer, you got denied by a hippy even that’s how stank your junk is. Anyways good to know you’re still a sh** talking sl** bag Autumn. I can’t wait to share this thread with all of the females you thought were commenting. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Hahaha
posted on Oct 30 2018 04:44:05 PM

Awe meth heads pissed cause they can't handle the truth. It's so cute when all the tweekers think their sh** don't stink. It's really cute when team karlie gets together. We all know who you are. So why don't you all boot up together. Hahaha bahahahaha hahabajaha bahahahaha lol bring it
posted on Oct 31 2018 11:42:06 AM

Front butt Alison wouldn't have gotten her gun stolen if she wasn't shooting up with Dillion Dugger. Remember when karlie broke into your house and stole your dope? And mandi just pissed off cause arc came crawling back. After Tighe caught him cheating. All you drunks and meth heads just can't handle the truth. Go to rehab loose pus** who***.
posted on Oct 31 2018 11:55:12 AM

It's Jason no balls!!!! Hahaha bahahahaha hahabajaha bahahahaha my day is complete. Don't worry I don't fu** fags. Hahabajaha hahabajaha.
posted on Oct 31 2018 12:19:32 PM

Nobody wants Tighe's scarred and scabbed as*. And definately no one wants Matt Robertson's (Boom) - Angela Gross baby daddy's herpes infested as*, that's dating a child over 15 years younger then him.. She wants nothing to do with this sh** show that's been created. She's clean and sober. So you get your facts straight before you head for her! Fu***** children
posted on Oct 31 2018 12:53:13 PM

Than how about we all stop. We're being hypocrites. Just everybody stop end it now. Everybody clearly is sober. So let's go back to our lives and move on. Let it go
posted on Oct 31 2018 01:06:29 PM

Katie Grimes...is a narc, you all better watch out..
posted on Dec 07 2018 07:58:20 PM

Wow. You all make any information you did have that was legit look more like some tweaker bullshit because of how you're acting. Dumb.
posted on Dec 10 2018 03:38:03 PM

To the person who posted about Katie Grimes... Open a new post instead of hijacking someone else's dink. Unless you aren't sure enough about your nformation to do that.
posted on Feb 01 2019 09:59:09 AM

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