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Tiffany Ann Soto

Snitch Subject: Animal cruelty

She admitted to me that she fuc*** a dog. That's animal cruelty to make a dog fu** her fat as*. Dog rapist!
Category: Abuse Added: 2019-07-07 17:14:56 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: WA City: Richland ZIP: 99354

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Animal cruelty


David mccoy . Moses lake. Working for INET. Spread the word.
posted on Jul 08 2019 12:19:45 AM

Tiffany Soto's phone number is 5095788406
posted on Jul 10 2019 10:04:01 PM

Thats the kind of sh** that ought to get her as* beat the fu** down. Poor god damn dog. Some people are such sick fuc**. This makes me really angry and sad. I hope she's died a painful death within the year. I really do. She deserves it for doing that. Fu***** monster.
posted on Jul 13 2019 02:45:28 PM

Hope her as* gets gang raped. Fuc*** up bit**. Going to call her as* and tell her that.
posted on Jul 22 2019 10:57:10 PM

Talk about sick fuc**, you dont even know if this is true, might be bs and you're talking about wishing her dead. You're the sick fu**.
posted on Jul 23 2019 12:04:29 AM

That's nasty
posted on Aug 25 2019 04:59:29 AM

Guess I'll be hiring her as my dog sitter, set up some hidden cameras
posted on Aug 25 2019 09:09:14 PM

She also fuc** donkeys and horses. 6
posted on Sep 25 2019 10:03:09 PM

She sends nudes in kik: uglyfatpigtiffany. Says she has no limits. Very ugly and gross. Asked if she could fu** my dog. I have my black lab as my profile pic. I'm not letting her near him, that would be so messed up. She needs to stop eating and lose weight, and get a nose job that might help.
posted on Apr 27 2020 11:27:06 PM

Wish I had her number.
posted on Apr 29 2020 09:14:09 AM

Guess I know why she kept asking me if I had a farm or knew someone who owned a farm. Gross
posted on Jun 11 2020 09:14:55 PM

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