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Snitch Subject: Sets people up purposely

Tom schnichels of new ulm Minnesota purposely sets ppl up. Gets them put in prison. He. Got dean,Pete,Debby,and several others and he committed the most crimes
Category: Complaint Added: 2017-07-26 07:51:15 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: MN City: New ulm

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Sets people up purposely


He's sitting in jail now. He's turned at least 12 people in Dean and Pete and several other lives he has destroyed and heade a lot of lies about a lot people He's out for half to hurt others so nobody will see his crimes. Master of manipulation
posted on Jul 26 2017 08:00:53 AM

That's pure bullshit actually. This was probably posted by his psychopath ex-girlfriend who can't take a fu***** hint
posted on Sep 01 2018 04:39:39 PM

Than how did all his charges get dropped dummy. We showed the emails of him emailing drug task force. Your a fu***** fool. I'm no X idiot John
posted on Sep 12 2018 10:32:05 PM

Tanya was in on the whole thing too. It was planned for some time. That's why she suddenly moved. Tim is a master mind of deception & manipulation.
posted on Jan 02 2019 05:12:05 PM

Tanya wasnt in on any of it! She fuc*** moved because he made her move! That Mother Fuc*** deserves to rot in fuc*** hell! So fu** you all!
posted on Jan 09 2019 07:45:49 AM

So please tell me how the fu** Tanya had anything to do with with what Tom did to anybody? That mother fuc*** almost destroyed her! And yes he MADE HER FUC*** MOVE! He's a master manipulator and a fuc*** narcissist! If Tom doesn't get what he wants when he wants he can and will destroy anyone in his way!
posted on Jul 19 2019 08:10:49 PM

Show the papers then
posted on Jan 07 2021 07:11:29 AM

Yep, Tom has been out since the end of June and he's back at look out for yourselves. Pretty sure when he gets to the point if no return he start ruining people's lives again
posted on Feb 09 2021 06:41:41 PM

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