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The PressRoom restaraunt

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craigslist > manage posting [ logged in as laydapiggy2@* ] [ logout ] This posting has been flagged for removal. [?] lancaster, PA craigslist > jobs > food/beverage/hospitality jobs The pressRoom fancy restaraunt or roach infested over priced garbage (lancaster pa) Date: 2012-01-12, 8:54AM EST Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here I know alot of people lie and say their place of work has roaches but when they crawl out of some ones plate b4 its served and you still send it out or cook a piece of lamb today and serve it to someone tomorrow for dinner that is going too far and its called food poisoning. the person responsible for all this and more is myra martin who has worked for the press room for quite some time in fact I believe 15 years or more.she is still there and people in The pressroom kitchen seem not to last very long. If she see's you as a threat to her position or seem to work at a faster more efficient way she will do everything in her power to make you quit or argue with her just to fire you. Mind you several people have made complaints about this evil lonely witch and she still seems to get away with treating people like they are below her and like no one is above her. I tryed to talk to her in a respect full manner and she compleatly shut down and told me I don't get paid to give her my opinion and that since it was my right to express myself it was her right to fire me. I am planning on going to the humane resorce office. And i will not stop until u are put in your place you know who you are! Press room shutting down is not my way of revenge its a way of saving peoples lives! And i will stop at nothing to get justice. Location: lancaster pa Compensation: ever wonder why you left The pressroom with an upset stomach or diareah?now u know and if anyone has any questions about anything said here you know who I am tell me if I'm lying you yelled at me cause I didn't ki** a roach that came out of our salad station where the salad topings are
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fine dining?or cheap roach infested garbage


IV actually sent back plates on several occasion for being dirty under them and i feel there is no consistansy in the quality of the food Bill hyde
posted on Jan 12 2012 09:15:59 AM

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