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Give me a break. I guess they can hand it out but they cannot take it. We are living in the age of the internet. Where you are free to express yourself however you like. with or without a name. Yeah it is unfair but then again so is running a not so megachurch where THERE IS NO MECHANISM OR STUCTURE FOR FIRING OR DISCIPLINING THE SENIOR PASTOR!! You heard me. No elders or deacons with any authority to remove him. Think about that. He can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Is this the BIBLICAL model for His church??? People read your bibles for God`s sake. It looks like some people have hit a nerve or two at the church. His positive, never ever hear criticism bubble has been popped. Welcome to the real world pastor gene. All great leaders show their metal when under attack. It is part of becoming a true great leader and not just another empty suit. Hagee, O`Steen, Warren, etc are referred to as satan themselves on youtube. Man up answer the peoples` questions and move on. Oh yeah, it is neither gossip or slander if it is the truth. Open your books!!
posted on Nov 27 2009 09:20:15 PM

the TRUTH!!! Gene wolfenbarger and the Gathering church CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH! (imagine Jack nicholson saying that)
posted on Nov 28 2009 06:54:24 AM

Trust in the Holy Spirit to guide you. If you second guess, wonder, have an uneasy feeling, respond to that by investigating the truth. Ask the questions. Don't believe the stuff you read investigate for yourself. The TRUTH will be revealed Gathering Church.
posted on Nov 29 2009 07:57:19 AM

There are 2 types of Gathering attenders, those that go and it is the best thing, and those that have been set free and run the other direction and try to protect others, I wonder why?
posted on Nov 29 2009 12:52:12 PM

What is the truth about the spending at The Lord's Child? Response - Your a coward. Why does this ministry for children give money to a bunch of Gene's old buddies? Response - Your a coward. Is there any financial accountability? Response - your a coward. Does anyone review your books to approve the organization like the ECFA? Response - Your a coward. Sounds like an organization you want to give to and put your trust in!
posted on Nov 29 2009 01:20:24 PM

It is reported by his staff that Gene will not allow anyone to talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit or of being filled with the Holy Spirit because it might offend the major donors to the church. That comes dangerously close to meeting the definition of prostitution - doing things against the Bible for money.
posted on Dec 20 2009 07:07:56 AM

Now Marshall and his wife have been asked to leave the church, after years of complete dedication and commitment... all because he was suspected of posting on the snitch site. That's really Biblical-good work Gene
posted on Dec 21 2009 10:05:05 AM

The Lord's Child has done tremendous work in the U.S. The overseas missions appear to be doing God's work in Africa. Notwithstanding, these questions regarding The Gathering and the Lord's Child finances deserve resolution by opening the books. I am a member and have been tithing and working and contributing to the Lord's Child. It is distressing and disappointing to have it alleged that my hard earned money has been misappropriated for personal gain. I would like to know the real truth.
posted on Dec 21 2009 10:45:17 AM

The Gathering Church & Gene Wolfenbarger needs prayer and revelation. It is pastors like this that give Christianity a bad name.
posted on May 17 2010 05:32:15 AM

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