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Snitch Subject: Abuse of Funds, Spiritual Authority, and Fraud

Beware: The Gathering in Sevierville, TN pastored by Gene Wolfenbarger is a personal business and expense account for Gene Wolfenbarger. Did you know? he has aclothing expense account that the church pays for and then brags about how much his shoes and clothes cost? He has a dining expense account that rivals some of our incomes? He has the company I mean Gathering Church pay for his and his family cars? He pays himself $200,000 a year and His wife Karen Wolfenbarger $60,000 a year and tell us to sacrifice? more facts to come. oh and that the church just bought a $57,000 Toyota Land Rover... Why? Is that why the staff had to take pay cuts?
Category: Fraud Added: 2009-11-18 09:17:20 Year: 2009 Country: United States State: TN City: Sevierville ZIP: 37862

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Abuse of Funds, Spiritual Authority, and Fraud


you know you cannot give what you do not possess! How can an abusive pastor, of staff, of church goers, possibly give love, patience, kindness, goodness gentleness and self-control to us? How many times have I heard of these abusive teachable moments that are just an all out abuse of Spiritual Authority. What a humble man of God Gene Wolfenbarger is huh? The Gathering in Sevier County TN better be praying hard for the TRUTH TO COME OUT! Sevierville TN does not need a fraudulent ministry raising funds to build buildings just so Gene Wolfenbarger can say he has the largest ministry. BEWARE of the Gathering.
posted on Nov 18 2009 09:20:52 AM

Why is the Gathering Church paying $150 to tint vehicle windows? Why paying $10,000 to church consultants (isn't God the church leader)? $20,000 a month american express bills? $11,000 to Jerry Johnston to speak at the church??? WOW, $3000 to Kristi Johnson? $25,000 to Larry Jones???
posted on Nov 18 2009 10:17:48 AM

wow. where are you getting your information?
posted on Nov 19 2009 11:17:37 AM

too many Senior pastors using the church like a personal piggy bank. Homes, vacations, clothes, cars, jets, etc. I do believe preachers should earn a fair wage for working for the ministry, not the ministry being the mistress of the pastor. These churches are not biblical. If you attend there then at least have the guts to go to the Word of God for the truth about church structure. It was never meant to be dictatorships. Even Christ shared power and leadership. Granted it was the Holy Spirit and The Father. Too much control. The people at the gathering deserve to see the books and where their monies are going.
posted on Nov 19 2009 02:39:25 PM

See for information about spiritual abuse and manipulative pastors.
posted on Nov 20 2009 07:51:48 AM

1. “Hears” God for you. God apparently “goes through” him/her to speak to you. 2. Alienates (shuns, ignores) you if you do not adhere to his/her guidance, leadership, or authority. 3. Suggests that rejection of his/her “higher understanding” is done so at your spiritual or even physical peril. 4. Rewards your obedience with inclusion, and punishes your questioning or resistance with withdrawal. ok, anyone who has been there for any amount of time will see truth in these.
posted on Nov 20 2009 08:10:37 AM

I pray blessing upon all the former staff at the Gathering. Thank God you are no longer under the crushing yoke of Gene Wolfenbarger. Scott, Andy, Ernie, Joey, Seth, Warren, Paul you guys are now really free to do ministry how the Lord wants you to and not like little Hitler does. Do not be conformed to this world or more importantly to any man of this world even if they claim to be a preacher. I did not know them all personally, but could sense they are all "Mighty Men" LOL!! Sorry could not pass that up.
posted on Nov 23 2009 07:51:23 AM

Lets do some 2nd grade math so the sheep can follow:Lets say everyone gets a 30% paycut. here is what that would look like. Wolfenbargers- $260,000 - 30%= $182,000 How will they ever make it? (Oh wait the cars, house, clothing and food get paided by sheep) Well still pray for them. The Staff estimate- $45,000 - 30%= $31,500 For a family of four this is poverty level income!!! Some are making less. How the Heck can Gene allow this unless he has a heart of stone. Man no wonder the staff is running for the hills. The other hills away from Gene.
posted on Nov 23 2009 08:02:02 AM

Giving your mortgage money, your electric bill in the offering plate is just plain sinful. Here is a straight forward verse that you will NEVER here these greedy "men of God" use in a sermon: If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, HE HAS DENIED THE FAITH AND IS WORSE THAN AN UNBELIEVER. 1 Tim. 5:8 You foolish sheep that take food out of your own families mouths or do not pay your bills because the Lord will provide thru(you idiot! your job IS HIS PROVISION FOR YOU!!! Duh) some weird twisted teaching are totally wrong biblically. For God`s sake think for yourselves. All Gene`s little holy of holies buddies share one thing with him and it is not God. It is $$$$. Gene`s other God. Millionaires can shed millions and enjoy life, but what about you people who work down there on the Parkway?? How is that giving working for you? Wake up people and grow a freakin brain and a walk. preferably your own!!!
posted on Nov 23 2009 08:35:40 AM

want to talk funny, gene wolfenbarger talks about his dogs, yet has a bad name in the dog breeding community. research - talked to someone proudly about my pastor and that he was into coon dogs and when I mentioned his name, they cringed.
posted on Nov 23 2009 11:46:40 AM

the gathering sevierville is a church in sevierville, tn. Pastored by gene wolfenbarger. it also gave birth to the lords child humanitarian cause. Please do some research before giving. They do not publish their financial records and probably for good reason, sources tell us that there is some fishy stuff going on. Well ask before you give and check out the donors bill of rights and ask the tough questions before you give. The gathering is their website.
posted on Nov 23 2009 04:43:03 PM

I want to know the truth myself, Gathering Church, reveal!
posted on Nov 23 2009 04:45:59 PM

Looking for the truth on an anonymous slander site is like looking for pearls at the bottom of an outhouse bucket. You may find a couple, but it ain't worth fishing through the pure old s**t to get to it.
posted on Nov 23 2009 06:59:59 PM

You're right. There's only one place to get the answer you're looking for - if you're too afraid to ask, something's wrong.
posted on Nov 23 2009 08:04:48 PM

it has been asked by several people and we have seen the rebuke and authority abuse. Your not alone, keep seeking the truth. Eventually they will come and do the right thing and make the finances public, probably after they clean them all out.
posted on Nov 23 2009 08:17:07 PM

Self-Effort Must Go! "Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh" (Galatians 3:3). The Galatian Christians, like so many people today, trusted Christ for their initial salvation, but depended upon the flesh for spiritual maturity. When the word "flesh" occurs in the New Testament, most of the time it refers to that part of man which is hostile toward God (Romans 8:7) and wars against the Spirit (Galatians 5:17). Every person born into this world comes equipped with "flesh" - that part of our humanity which rebels against God and depends upon either physical resources or personality to handle life. Another word for "flesh" is the "self-life." When a person comes to faith in Christ the cross delivers one from the self-life, to life in Christ. However, the flesh continues its assault to control and pull the believer back into self-effort. The Galatians came to Christ and experienced the Spirit's work of regeneration. Their righteous standing before God came on the basis of Christ's work on the cross apart from self-effort or works of the Law. Galatians 2:21-"I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly." False teachers then began to promote "Jesus plus" teaching. They taught that one must not only trust Christ, but also keep certain laws like circumcision, keeping the Sabbath, and holding to other Jewish feasts. Paul equates all of this to one relying upon the flesh to live the Christian life. Today, in some churches, there is a one-sided gospel. Jesus Christ is presented as a "ticket" to Heaven, and after that they offer self-help groups, seminars on pop psychology, and sermons on "steps" to success. Everything in our culture already reinforces depending upon one's self to handle life, and now the church offers it too. Think of the terms used to "help" people like "building self-esteem", "becoming more self-confident", "being self-assertive", etc. "We need Jesus to get to Heaven, but we can handle life here on earth," becomes the motto. Jesus Christ came not only to deliver us from hell, but from self in all its forms. Paul exhorts the Galatians in the form of the rhetorical question of 3:3, "You began in the Spirit and you mature by the Spirit." Galatians 2:20 proclaims the truth of no self-effort in coming to Christ or in living the Christian life. "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me...." "No longer I, but Christ" should be the realization of every Christian. How does one come to rely upon Christ instead of self? Certainly the Word imparts the truth and that must be foundational. Also, it usually takes time and failure from self-effort which brings us to this truth. God must bring us to the end of ourselves. What a wonderful deliverance takes place, when one realizes that he or she cannot live the Christian life and only Jesus can. Victory comes in reaching the place of desperation and death to self-effort. Then one can experience the truth of Galat ians 2:20, "No longer I, but Christ...." Have you been trying to live the Christian life by depending upon the flesh? Is it possible that the failures and the frustrations were God's way of bringing you to the end of yourself, so that you might depend upon Jesus Christ as your life? Only Christ can live the Christian life! Major Ian Thomas declared, "It takes Jesus to become a Christian, and it takes Jesus to be the Christian you have become!"
posted on Nov 24 2009 09:03:18 AM

this war of words is not going to solve anything, i think if the church and gen have nothing to hide then there should be no reason why there can not be a report of where all the money is going. If a person or organization has nothing to hide then there should have been a quick and easy responce. I have heard that there has been an invitation to some to come and sit down at the church and review everything. I would why have only a few been invited and why have they not taken the offer? If there is nothing to hide then it should be easy to come clean. No scripture is needed for that. So put up or shut up, and then lets move on.
posted on Nov 24 2009 09:51:47 AM

Gene Wolfenbarger & The Lords Child should submit the finances to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability or for review then we can all be at ease. I am holding off any more tithing and will give to KARM or Lost Sheep until this is resolved. They seem like more of a storehouse where people can go at anytime for assistance - not just a couple times a year.
posted on Nov 24 2009 11:29:49 AM

The Gathering Church needs a little love from the top down I would say. Gene Wolfenbarger needs your prayers. As upset as Gene Wolfenbarger and the gathering church have made us, we need to show love and pray. I know we all fall short of the glory of God. It is just hard to not want to reach out and try to protect others from finding out the hard way the things you have found out about the gathering church. So pray without ceasing for the man in charge (gene wolfenbarger) and that the Gathering church would not continue to hide anything from their people.
posted on Nov 27 2009 06:54:00 PM

face it, the gathering church is never going to give a true accounting. They have never denied it because that would make them liars, they just call the truth an attack. So you just need to seek the Lord's guidance and see if this place is the best place to give your money. I would think a true storehouse is not the preacher, it is a food shelter, where 80-100% of the money goes to the cause and not administration. I believe servants of God are volunteers. There are many organizations where they run 100% off the work of volunteers and 100% of the money goes to the ones in need. Makes a lot more sense to me.
posted on Nov 28 2009 06:52:51 AM

I'm in sales, I get a clothing account, a company cell phone, a company vehicle, a company credit card, free travel arrangements, paid dining expenses, and all the days off I want....But what I don't have that Pastor Gene does is the opportunity and honor before God to lead others to Christ. So if I have all the same benefits he has why am I not being slandered over the internet?
posted on Nov 28 2009 02:14:48 PM

because that is the job you took on and you are not in control of what is given to you! Your company is, there is someone holding you accountable. The Gathering is Gene's personal company that we all support with our tithes and offerings. These are all not disclosed to the people giving. the company knows what you are given and they decided that, Gene makes it all up himself. Pray for him, and by the way, truth is not slander. The bible says to bring truth to light. That is all that people have finally started to do! Bring it forward.
posted on Nov 28 2009 09:44:58 PM

POSTED FOR THE SAKE OF THE COWARD who poked fun at this comment being on the wrong website: Why have you not signed your anonymous comments with your name[s] since you are so eager to bring everything out into the open? Is it because you are a coward? Unscriptural COWARD[S] at that. You/We, how many ever there are of you, are doing the very thing that you accuse the pastor of doing. YOU HIDE BEHIND WORDS ON THE WEB like some spider waiting to snatch its next victim. You can proclaim your "intelligence" all day long and you can HUMBLY SHOUT how you "praise the Lord" every day, but it does not take away from the fact that your actions declare you a COWARD. The Bible states that even a child is known by his actions. Your actions have spoken louder than your accusations. Your actions reveal a petulant, cry-baby coward, the same type who loses his job and goes into the post office and kills a few innocent bystanders. On which particular day when you were "praising and worshipping" the Lord did He tell you to HIDE your identity while you threw stones of accusation at the pastor for HIDING the finances or keeping the finances a SECRET? How exactly did the Lord phrase that when He instructed you to act like a coward? You are so eager to TELL ALL about someone else. Why not TELL US ALL ABOUT YOU? How was it that you became a COWARD? Did the boys make fun of you when you were young and wouldn't let you play in their games? Or did you want a position at The Gathering and/or The LORD's Child, but were never offered a job? Are you a staff member who is a mole and a hypocrite? Do you volunteer all the time and don't feel appreciated and now you're going to STRIKE BACK and hurt innocent bystanders? Why don't YOU and/or WE reveal the truth about WHO YOU ARE, since you've demanded that the pastor reveal all??!! Let me help you out here. YOU WON'T REVEAL WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU'RE AN ABSOLUTE COWARD. OR are you, as you've accused the pastor, the "only one who truly hears God." But of course, that's the answer to all of this, isn't it? You have appointed yourself/yourselves to be the singular TRUTH SEEKER who lurks in the shadows with all of your LOFTY SPIRITUALITY? Because you walk so tall among all other members of The Gathering, strutting around in the glory of your spiritual stature, it is apparent that you'll be able to quote Proverbs 6:16-19. Don't bother to look in your Bible. You know those verses that name SIX things that the Lord hates, no, there are SEVEN, that are an abomination to Him. That seventh thing that the Lord hates [I'm sure you'll know this] is "sowing discord among the brethren." Yep. He vigorously stands against those who cause trouble in His family. So SPIRITUAL GIANT who is so humble that he/she seeks NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH and who walks among us with such unparalleled knowledge, tell us this, did you follow the principles in the Word of God before you starting "sowing discord among the brethren" and hiding behind your blog on the SPIDER'S WEB? Or do you even KNOW those principles? Did you go to the pastor and express your concerns? Oh, that didn't work, you say? Well. So you stuck your thumb in your mouth and went off pouting. But tell us, COWARDLY ONE WHO HIDES INSIDE THE SPIDER'S WEB, why didn't you adhere to the next commandment that Paul gave? Did you take your concerns to the elders? Oh! I see. Those scriptures don't apply to YOU. You pick and choose which scriptures you want to obey. Maybe you're a modern-day Gehazi, who poses as a TRUE SERVANT, yet goes behind Elisha's back and stirs up problems. Does that sound like you? After all, what does the apostle Paul know about church order? Forget that commandment about walking in peace and do THE VERY THING YOU'VE ACCUSED SOMEONE ELSE OF DOING ... HIDE THE TRUTH! But now, naturally, HIDING the TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE is different. RIGHT? Oh no, Brother/Sister Coward, you're wrong there. The LORD Himself allowed the 10 tribes to be taken into captivity by the Assyrians. HOWEVER, He later held those same Assyrians responsible because they went BEYOND THE LORD'S WILL IN THE MANNER IN WHICH THEY TREATED THOSE CAPTIVES. Dear Coward. Unfortunately, you have GONE BEYOND THE LORD'S WILL IN THIS WHICH YOU HAVE DONE, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THE MANNER IN WHICH YOU HAVE HANDLED THIS. You will not only be exposed, but your words that have reached out and harmed innocent victims are going to be turned against you. So now that you have so pointedly asked for TRUTH TO BE REVEALED, it is reasonable that we ask the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to REVEAL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU, about WHO YOU ARE and YOUR COWARDLY WAYS. Better yet. Why don't YOU stand up in church and be as BOLD as you have been on the SPIDER'S WEB. Face everyone openly. You demand openness, don't you? You have nothing to HIDE ... do you? REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY. Or do you fear that your "Christian" character will cause people not to BELIEVE YOU since so many have called you a COWARD? Your sin was not in ASKING, Brother/Sister Coward, your sin was in the MANNER IN WHICH YOU DEFAMED A WORK INITIATED BY THE LORD HIMSELF. And you can be sure of this one thing ... your sin will be revealed. You may THINK you are safe and your identity is HIDDEN inside the WEB ... but you will be exposed before everyone. Do not think that you can "erase" your blogs of accusation, then slink back into your dark corner of anonymity. Do not presume to walk among us as if you have done nothing wrong. Your actions have branded you as a Benedict Arnold BECAUSE OF THE COWARDLY MANNER IN WHICH YOU ACTED. Come now. Have you the COURAGE to do what you have accused another of doing? Will you STOP HIDING THE TRUTH and REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY? We have HEARD YOUR WORDS, now let us TRY YOUR WORDS by your Christian character that you expect us not to examine. You want us to examine everyone and/or everything else, but not examine you? It does not work that way. Why should we listen to your accusations when you are too much of a coward to REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY?
posted on Nov 29 2009 12:09:19 AM

Breath in.....Breath out my brother. Why do you think I need YOU or anyone who works alongside you to judge my "christian" character? Unlike you my only judge is Christ. I REALLY, REALLY. REALLY do not care what you think of me. YOU REALLY NEED TO GET HELP FOR THAT HATRED IN YOUR HEART!! I may be full of crap and a coward but you are full of venom and hatred. I believe hate is the opposite of love not cowardice. You must be one brave guy. But you have managed to post the first threatening post of all. You are definitely a bully. I did not notice your name at the end of your post. I can imagine why with the rage and all. I guess you want to take names and kick some as*. You want to shut discourse not discord because it is not according to your rules. It is all about controland you cannot stand that. Talk about going postal. Dude have someone neutral read your post. Not very pastoral if you ask me. Is this really about the bride or have you taken an offense? I think we just found another son of Zebedee. Consume them!! Burn them cowards at the stake!!! Thanks for the Old testament study. You are acting like a natural born judge or pharisee. I may be misguided according to you, but I am not angry or doing anything out of anger. here are two words for your quiet time: L-O-V-E and G-R-A-C-E
posted on Nov 29 2009 02:29:36 AM

funny how the person attacking someone calling him a coward for not revealing a name, that they did not leave a name - pretty funny if you ask me, basically means they are a coward also. What a waste that was.
posted on Nov 29 2009 08:12:26 AM

The COWARD has a face and a name ... not to mention a license that can be taken away. You can be sure that your sins have found you out.
posted on Nov 30 2009 07:17:17 PM

Want to know something FUNNY since the COWARD tried LAUGHING and POKING FUN at anyone who opposed him? Have you noticed that the COWARD has stopped posting on this website and won't let anyone but HIS COMMENTS appear on his blog? Wonder why? Because people were smart enough on the computer to trace him back to his original blog. He not only is a COWARD, but he LIED. He is not a church member of The Gathering. He does not tithe, doesn't even believe in it, yet he wants to control everyone else and what they do with their tithe. His name has been made known and now people are concerned that he has probably "hacked into their personal information." Know what that is? It's called a THIEF. It's also known as voyeurism -- an obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects. He left the church, but his bitterness DEMANDS that he be the one to CONTROL the finances. He doesn't believe in TITHING, but he wants to control everyone else's giving.
posted on Dec 01 2009 08:26:56 PM

Well, the "BLOG of LOVE and TRUTH" has been taken off the internet. Wonder why? Is it because the COWARD who laughed at everyone and called them fools because they did not want to hear HIS TRUTH has been found out? Because others did not ILLEGALLY hack into people's computers as he did? Not surprising since the COWARD hangs out with men who like NAKEDLY EXPOSING THEMSELVES and others on the internet. That's all of yours favorite tactic. Stripping off and exposing nakedness. It's kind of like pornography ... you have to go deeper and deeper into it to get your high. So the VOYEURS needed to strip everyone else down NAKED and EXPOSE them on the Internet. And if the house pastor who professes LOVE and wants to go to Starbucks and discuss things with everyone, BUT DECLARED HE DID NOT DO THAT ... then answer this question ... DID YOU KNOW JS had been hacking into everyone's computers??? Including those of the church and everyone's emails? Of course you did. You might be able to honestly state that YOU WERE NOT THE ONE TO DO IT ... okay, but answer this. DID YOU KNOW JS was doing it? OF COURSE, you did. Others have related your complicity in listening to what the COWARD did. You got caught on the internet, exposing your naked body and you and computer boy had to expose someone else by illegally hacking into, not just one computer system, but those of people in the church. Now let's go to Starbucks and talk about LOVE and TRUTH and HALF-TRUTHS where you leave out the part that you KNEW about it. You thought by saying "you did not DO IT" absolved your role in all of this? You guys LEFT THE CHURCH because you're so SPIRITUAL. Well, keep your spiritual selves to yourselves and try repenting of your BITTERNESS and stay away from The Gathering and your ILLEGAL HACKING into computers of church members and the church. All you've spouted off about was TRUTH??!! The only TRUTH we can see is that you guys are filled with bitterness and must be so miserable in your own little home church that you have to keep throwing stones at The Gathering, PLUS ... however, in the world could you justify your ILLEGAL HACKING in church members and the church's computer system???? You talked about self-deception!!! Do you think you're the FBI or CIA? What RIGHT IN THE EYES OF GOD ALMIGHTY DID YOU HAVE TO GO POKING AROUND IN BUSINESS THAT IS NONE OF YOURS? You're all a bunch of peeping Toms and voyeurs who love exposing your own naked bodies on the Internet and poking around and feeling and gloating about personal business that has nothing to do with you. Is it your money??? You don't even believe in tithing. GET A LIFE. KEEP YOUR OWN CLOTHES ON and HOPE YOU DON"T END UP IN JAIL FOR WHAT YOU DID.
posted on Dec 02 2009 02:45:55 PM

Mr. JS, otherwise known as COWARD, you said in one of your posts above that you didn't do anything out of ANGER? What do you call it when you ILLEGALLY BREAK INTO OTHER PEOPLE'S COMPUTER SYSTEMS, SNOOPING AROUND SO YOU CAN SPREAD "YOUR VERSION OF THE TRUTH?" That's not Anger??? Who made you God? You can say you were not acting out of anger, but you are filled with BITTERNESS. What you did was SNEAKY, ILLEGAL, an act of VOYEURISM, LYING, STEALING ... oh, but there's no anger involved. No, in your mind, committing illegal acts of hacking into computers are called MERCY, GRACE, PEACE, and LOVE. Like the person wrote above ... you're a COWARD. In answer to the reason why the rest of us don't have to leave our names? WE DON'T ILLEGALLY HACK INTO EVERYBODY ELSE'S COMPUTERS and hide behind the cowardice of our deeds. No wonder you didn't want people to know your identity, Mr. J.S. Deceive yourself all you want to, JS, but you are an ILLEGAL HACKER who runs around with men who take pictures of themselves naked and plaster it all over the internet. You guys love using the Internet for your own perverse deeds such as displaying your personal physical nakedness and everyone else's personal business by hacking into other people's computers. TALK ABOUT A TRUSTWORTHY TYPE OF GUY!!! No wonder you didn't want anyone to know who you were. How many businesses will trust you to work on their computers in the future once the word gets out? Who wants someone coming and STEALING PRIVATE INFORMATION? THAT's EXACTLY WHY YOU DIDN'T WANT US TO KNOW WHO YOU WERE ... right, JS? Because you can get on here with your "Christian platitudes" all you want, but the bottom line is YOU'RE NOTHING MORE THAN A DISHONEST THIEF WHO CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED TO WORK ON ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL OR ANOTHER COMPANY'S COMPUTERS. That's why you tried to "laugh and scoff" at being called a coward because your Christian character will not stand up beneath the light of scrutiny. You're a cowardly thief. Gabriel Allon
posted on Dec 02 2009 05:26:30 PM

I pray that the love of Christ would win the hearts of all involved. It sounds like there is some hurt that should be addressed. None of these posts seem to edify the body no matter what mistakes where made by the church, people, or the coward. Pray without ceasing that all would come to the love of Christ and seek forgiveness for the words exchanged here so that God can be Honored. Satan is winning so far.
posted on Dec 03 2009 03:22:08 AM

"I am just curious, these have me concerned, do these hold ANY truth? I have heard a lot of people talking about this stuff and I am not going to be giving until there is some accountability. A concerned Gathering attender looking for truth from my church." Those are the words quoted on the email that was sent to all people at The Gathering. Now I have some words: I am just curious about the illegal manner in which JS broke into people's private computer information. Does that hold ANY truth? I am hearing a lot of people talking about this stuff. Is the one they call the coward going to be held accountable for breaking the law? Why did he sign the email as "A concerned Gathering attender looking for truth from MY church." People say he hasn't attended the church for almost a year. A concerned Gathering attender looking for truth from the coward since he's lied about so much else. Does anybody know whose initials are JS?
posted on Dec 03 2009 08:34:43 AM

This is another quote from the COWARD: "It is tremendously funny how the gathering church, the lords child, and gene wolfenbarger have avoided the root question. Something to think about people." What is tremendously FUNNY, is how the coward has stopped posting. WHY? Is it because so many people now know who he is and they see the character behind his cowardly actions of illegally hacking into people's computers and their emails? Now that is something to think about and maybe we should stop "avoiding the root question" which is like another person asked. Whose initials are JS? If the coward was so free to post Gene Wolfenbarger's name, why not post his? If you know, please reveal this.
posted on Dec 03 2009 06:52:00 PM

New Living Translation (©2007) Don't repay evil for evil. Don't retaliate with insults when people insult you. Instead, pay them back with a blessing. That is what God has called you to do, and he will bless you for it.
posted on Dec 04 2009 12:44:38 PM

My initials are not JS either and I stopped posting because I felt led to read 1 Peter 3:17 Show proper respect (Honor) to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king. I didn't feel I was honoring everyone even if what I was saying was true. Most of all I wasn't bringing honor to God, so I Stopped.
posted on Dec 05 2009 05:59:53 PM

FEDERAL CITATIONS for HACKERS and the ILLEGAL USE OF HACKING: The punishment for accessing United States government files is 7 years in federal prison and fines; and for deleting these files 10 years in prison and fines. These fines can be in the millions. Hacking is covered under law Title 18: Crimes and Criminal Procedure: Part 1: Crimes: Chapter 47: Fraud and False Statements: Section 1030: Fraud and related activity in connection with computers. The federal punishment for hacking into computers ranges from a fine or imprisonment for no more than one year to a fine and imprisonment for no more than twenty years. This wide range of punishment depends upon the seriousness of the criminal activity and what damage the hacker has done. This can range from a Class B misdemeanor to a state jail felony, two years in a state jail, or even longer serious prison sentences for more egregious hacking. Computer fraud, closely linked to Internet fraud, is defined as 1) the use of a computer or computer system to help execute a scheme or illegal activity and 2) the targeting of a computer with the intent to alter, damage, or disable it. Computer fraud generally falls into three categories: 1) theft of information, 2) invasion of privacy, electronic tampering, or harassment, 3) computers broken into by unauthorized people. Hacking refers to illegal entry into a computer’s hardware system. Hackers obtain passwords and delete information, create programs to steal passwords, or even rummage through company information and emails to steal information. Such CRIMINALS might pose as computer repairmen in order to gain easy access to computer systems, or they might create and send out dangerous computer viruses. Online sex crimes such as stalking and child pornography are also classified as computer fraud. QUOTE from federal officer who wrote the above article: “Computer fraud covers hackers and viruses. If you hack into one of our computer networks without permission, we’re going to come after you.” (NOTE: This is a legal description of hacking and the law classifies it on the same level as stalking and child pornography.)
posted on Dec 06 2009 02:17:12 AM

so, who is js? What is his/her name? I would love to know
posted on Dec 21 2009 01:15:08 PM

So i am wondering what is the truth about Gene and the Gathering. Things seem to have gotten quiet, or is the "storm" still brewing in the "hills of the smokies".
posted on Feb 14 2010 11:41:33 PM

I heard him say on his latest podcast that he is a Prophet and Apostle and no one can correct him. He said God Himself will spank him if need be. He also said that 'death follows a prophet', implying that it is dangerous to oppose him. People in that church need to begin now to extricate themselves. This can not end well.
posted on Feb 26 2010 07:23:45 AM

If Gene Wolfenbarger is a prophet / apostle, than I am the pope. Gene, Gene, if people really knew the secrets of your heart and your earthly lusts, and what you are really pursing they would never ever never call you a pastor but a loud mouth conceded look at me and what I have fraud. Why don't you dig up that bible you buried in concrete under your office and read it because it is the closeth you will ever be to standing on the "Word" when you walk in and out of your beloved office. (that was another of your look at me stunts)
posted on Mar 04 2010 10:36:18 PM

Gathering members: please demand financial accountability. And please keep in mind that Wolfenbarger is a false prophet and when it all blows up, don't be mad at God. Read your Bible!
posted on Mar 22 2010 06:31:44 AM

Paying for parking places and position in pews or in chairs. Nothing surprises me now. Next will be dress code.
posted on Apr 22 2010 07:23:49 AM

I feel bad for the people who are spreading these lies. Repent and become a warrior for The Gathering and not a stumbling block.
posted on Apr 27 2010 04:33:20 PM

funny how they call these lies but we at the church do not have any financial reports given to us. I would bet that these are not lies.
posted on May 13 2010 02:47:37 PM

The Lords Child has had on the website that they would be in Haiti within 3 - 6 weeks. That was 4 months ago ... I wonder if anybody has been there? But, you know what, it doesn't matter, as long as they are able to raise the money then it doesn't matter what they do with it, right? I mean, you're giving to God and after that whatever happens to it doesn't matter. So, as long as we put pictures of emaciated children on our website but then don't spend the money on what we said ... it's ok.
posted on May 14 2010 06:37:12 AM

The site also states that it supports Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministry. I asked the ministry and they have not received any support for at least 3 - 4 years.
posted on May 14 2010 07:24:57 AM

Of course they can't continue to support all of those missions that they made past commitments to. They have to be able to pay Gene's huge salary. He told one of his staff in the early days that by year ten he was going to pay himself 250k.
posted on May 25 2010 08:07:41 AM

Everyone who attends the gathering should tithe another cause. We are. I would rather send my money to a church I have faith in. A church where the minister actually answer your email. A church where the minister is friendly and approachable. I sure was blessed by Dr. Tim Lee's sermon. I wish he was the minister of the gathering. I cannot believe that he was Gene's mentor. Maybe he wasn't. I would love to talk to one of the staff that has decided to move on. 250k in ten years. WOW!!!! (How many tithing sermons would we have to endure if the congregation did that!!! Go ahead peoples, we can take it.)
posted on May 26 2010 05:16:04 AM

Some of the staff who have left were required to sign GAG ORDERS!!!
posted on May 26 2010 07:00:25 AM

Oh, how stifling Gene must be!!!!
posted on May 27 2010 05:21:11 AM

Thanks to the continued abuse of the gathering church on the community other churches have seen great growth!
posted on May 30 2010 01:05:05 PM

posted on Jun 08 2010 01:49:44 PM

I think the last person typed the 'captcha' code into the comment box!!
posted on Jun 11 2010 08:18:14 AM

My husband and I were among the first staff members at the Gathering in 2000. We hardly got one dime for our service there and what we did get, we had to fight for it. Gene Wolfenbarger is one of the most self centered men that I have ever encountered in ministry. If you don't look like Ken or Barbie, wear the finest name brand clothes and drive a BMW, he doesn't want any part of you. I am just sorry I never got the chance to tell this to his face. He is giving the precious name of Jesus a bad rap by hurting those who serve in ministry along side him or those who are a part of his congregation. He didn't even treat his own wife with any kind of respect either!!!!! I would not trust him as far as I could throw him. This man needs to be exposed for what he is. He treated his associate pastor like he was his own personal slave by making him give Gene a bath after a minor surgery! It saddens me to think about how many he has already hurt and certainly will continue to hurt in the future! This man is a devil in sheep's clothing!!
posted on Jun 16 2010 04:25:07 PM

You know what I want to know? Why is the Gene Wolfenbarger and the Gathering church so worried about hacking? Obviously someone found out the truth about their finances and they were freaked out to attack someone.
posted on Jun 17 2010 02:57:57 PM

Doesn't treat his wife with respect. She seems to be so obedient. Then he stands in the pulpit and brags about his sex life. WOW!!! I am so glad those who have worked for him are willing to share their experiences they had working UNDER him. Now I now why he won't even acknowledge my presence.
posted on Jun 18 2010 09:27:07 AM

I feel like I am not worthy to be in his presence. He just has this intimidating air about himself. I went to church in my hometown last Sunday and I am still walking in God's light thanks to the minister. I even emailed him two months ago about Gene and his mannerisms. He answered me in two days. I have tried to email Gene but I get Bobby. See...I don't have a big check to give him. Or a valuable pen. I told my son about his braggard ways....he could not believe it. A minister into materialistic things. I hope everyone will see God's LIGHT one day. This church reminds me of the movie about evangelism with Steve Martin.
posted on Jun 29 2010 02:35:02 PM

Does anyone know if Mike and Robin Nelson are still attending the Gathering? Mike was or is an usher usually for both services and Robin was or is one of the money counters. I did not see them at all during the spring and we went to both early and late services.
posted on Jun 30 2010 02:47:32 PM

Mike and Robin are still attending.
posted on Jul 04 2010 06:40:15 PM

This site has 1518 views. Does that make you wonder, I sure do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on Jul 05 2010 06:16:21 PM

To the person who just posted about Gene being a minister of materalism...I can assure you he's always been like that. We were some of the first members of the Gathering and he was that way then. It is no surprise to us at all that he is paying himself 250K a year, driving fine cars, and wearing Italian loafers!
posted on Jul 23 2010 08:56:55 AM

To the last person who posted; assuming you no longer attend The Gathering, are you speaking the truth when you say Pastor Gene is paying himself $250K? How do you know what his salary is? And since when is his Toyota pick up truck a luxury vehicle? Maybe his wife could sell her SUV and they could all cram into his pick up! Would that satisfy your jealous, controlling heart? Who cares what they're driving!! And his shoes?! C'mon, are you kidding me?! Get a life!! T.D.Jakes said "If you're lookin' for a'll find a booger!"
posted on Jul 23 2010 10:37:41 PM

He didn't say 'luxury' he said 'fine'. Does Gene make the payment or does the church? I believe that the church pays for it. Who pays to have it cleaned and detailed and filled up with gas every week? Does Gene or does the church? Who pays for the 500 dollar italian loafers? Is it Gene or are they accessories for 'Walking in the Light' paid for by the church. Get your head out of the sand and quit trying to control everybody yourself. The problem isn't that he wants and buys expensive items - it's that he does so using church funds. Not one rebuttal from anybody 'pro gathering' has denied that claim. Why? BECAUSE IT'S A FACT!!!!
posted on Jul 24 2010 02:53:55 PM

posted on Jul 29 2010 09:07:06 AM

Does anyone know if the Goldsteins still go to the gathering?I heard they stopped.I met them in town one day and forgot to ask.My son was friends with Tony.
posted on Aug 01 2010 07:55:06 AM

I am fully aware of Gene's ways and do not concentrate on giving to his fund or the church. I know God well enough and he knows me well enough to understand I love the singers there and the good days that Gene talks about the Bible and not money or his shoes,clothes,dinners,trips. I know and trust the Lord will take care of Gene. Karen is a sweet woman and I do feel for her married to a man that has became money hungry and using the Lord's house to do it in. God will take care of him, just trust him to do it.
posted on Aug 02 2010 07:31:22 PM

Just attending the church will contribute to Gene's salary. How? Well, the church goes through an internal audit every year. It is something that they do not have to do but they pay a company to come in and do it. Mainly because that will give Gene the opportunity to say that they have 'the most respected group of non-profit accountants inspecting their books ...'. Here's the deal though - they look at the salary of the senior pastor and compare it to other salaries of senior pastors at churches who have the same number of people. The reason that Gene's salary has never come under scrutiny is because he inflates the weekly attendance numbers. How? Counting 'every head at every service' including double counts of adults, volunteers, and kids. That also includes the wednesday night services and prayer meetings. When it is about time for the annual audit to come up, he always finds a way to throw in a few extra services so that he can boost the numbers to the next level and none of the internal auditors will scrutinize his salary. Truth be told - the actual number of people who go the church is closer to half of what he says ..... and that, as Paul Harvey says, is 'the rest of the story ...'
posted on Aug 03 2010 05:55:26 AM

I was a member of The Gathering when it very first started at Southern Nights. I believe at that time Pastor Gene had a heart for God. Somewhere along the way he has forgotten this..but good luck saying that to him. He will just ignore you or say you are crazy. As long as you can tithe or like most of these posts say "drive fancy cars or wear expensive clothes" then he likes you and will talk to you. Other than that forget it! He doesn't care!! People this abuse has been going on for years now!! Are you just now catching on? What did it take? The $250K salary, the Italian Leather Shoes? Gene made $100K 7 years ago, which made him the highest paid Pastor in Sevier County. I was also part of the ministry...and to see what goes on behind closed doors would amaze me! If you ask anyone who has left there who will actually be honest with you, they will tell you its all a sham. As the Bible says...your sins will find you out! Thank goodness I was able to listen to my heart and know what Gene is doing is wrong and one day he will have to answer for that!
posted on Aug 03 2010 01:44:57 PM

The last three posts are definitely from the heart. Thanks so much for sharing that information with the rest of us. I am definitely one of the folks that he won't speak too. I even emailed April about my miracle last fall and she would not even respond to my message. But in church she says they love to talk to people and Gene would love to hear your story. The attendance is really down. I wonder who will have to take a pay cut.
posted on Aug 04 2010 08:23:21 AM It looks like they're hiring somebody to try and make them look good. How sad! There's no real discipleship, all the pastors have quit, and instead of trying to grow deep, they're trying to grow wide. I feel for whomever walks into this position because I can tell ya first hand - it sounds pretty good in the job description but it's a now win situation trying to please Gene.
posted on Aug 06 2010 06:08:25 AM

The details listed in the link from the post above states that the gathering has between 1001 and 1500 people. Does anyone want to take a bet that the real number is closer to 500 or 600?
posted on Aug 06 2010 06:29:15 AM

I counted heads in the second service quickly. One section numbered 70 so that would equal around 300 for that service. That is a long ways from 1500 for both services.
posted on Aug 10 2010 09:29:48 AM

Gene's blog says that 'great things are happening'. I swear, that's all you ever hear him say. I believe that he does not have the ability to believe things are the way that they are. It's pathological narcissism - very dangerous. He's begun to believe that all of the spin that he puts on everything is the actual truth. Not only that, he gets his staff to believe and support him in it and then it spreads to the congregation. Here's a good one: Bullshit - it starts in our pulpit, it spreads to our congregation and it's the only thing responsible for ruining christianity. How's that for a tagline ....
posted on Aug 10 2010 12:17:03 PM

It has been almost a year and never has the church addressed the financial concerns of it's members. Sounds like they care about the people. I have never met another pastor that you have to talk to everyone else but he wont talk to you. He doesn't have time for his people, he doesn't care about anything other than your tithe and where it has been if you were not there. The Gathering Church is not about people, no where else can you email and call staff and have them ignore you and tell you repeated that they forgot, you do not forget about people if you are about THEM. truth is they are on eggshells constantly worrying about Gene Wolfenbarger. Gene Wolfenbarger is an overbearing man who demands things done for him. all this about a salary and Italian loafers, expensive cars and pools? Jesus walked as a humble man. A true servant, not demanding to be served. Jesus said i do not have a place to lay my head and Gene Wolfenbarger brags about how expensive his stuff is. Think about who Jesus was and is, is that anything like the pastor at the Gathering church in Sevierville? I think no. Is Gene wolfenbarger a man that resembles Jesus, I think no. Be careful following a man like that because you will become like what you follow. Please Dear God let them see the light before we have a community or narcissistic Gene Wolfenbargers walking around Sevierville.
posted on Aug 14 2010 02:05:55 PM

Amen to that last post ! I attended this past Sunday second service and the church was the fullest I've saw it all summer. I think we all go for the Lord but when Gene talked Slaves this past weekend you could have heard a pin drop.I know he's got to be reading these blogs and thinks hes still the one that knows more than we do. I go for God and my savior and I know who is in control of me. That's all you need to know is its you and God.
posted on Aug 17 2010 08:53:51 AM

We have been going to the Gathering and find the church to be a wonderful place where people are active in their worship and outreach to the world. Pastor Wolfenburger is one of the finest teacher/preachers I have ever heard. I am a retired minister from a church of over 4,000. The persons on this website that are so critical need to examine thier real motives and stop the hate comments. If a pastor is wrong God will change him or remove him. Let God handle this and you will never have to answer to God for your resentment. Tho Gathering is a church that loves people and reaches out to the community and world. They have a group they are answerable to for expenditures and decissions and thier structure is biblical. We are prou of our membership and the work the Gathering is doing. If you have a concerna about the negative comments on this site come and visit and let the spirit guide your own decission..We love you all and hope to meet you...tom weekley
posted on Oct 17 2010 07:28:27 AM

tom, i have no resentment. i love them and the people there. where in the bible does it say that god will remove a pastor? and no, you're wrong, they do not have somebody that they answer to. if you are talking about the self bought audit then you are sorely mistaken about what it is that they do.
posted on Oct 18 2010 10:55:28 AM

He totally mistreats his employees. They're all brainwashed and have to answer the phone every time he calls no matter what or they'll be in trouble. Once, one of the employee's wife had a baby and there were serious complications. Somebody near to the family said 'I hope Gene gives you some time off to be with your family'. Well, when ole Gene heard about that he had the staff member who had just been through the ordeal contact the person and tell them not to tell that to anybody!!! Now THAT'S compassion!!
posted on Oct 20 2010 07:43:52 PM

tom if you are talking about the Finance team that is an appointed team of yes men by Gene who can be removed at anytime. Gene has advisors he may ask questions of, but only one person is in charge, GENE WOLFENBARGER. and he answers to no one.
posted on Oct 21 2010 12:34:11 PM

We were with the church in the very beginning--back when they were meeting at the civic center. It's been Gene's church from the beginning and it will be that way until the end. Whoever crosses him, will be fired and suddenly gone without a word spoken about it. And by the way, Tom, the Bible says to speak the truth in love. Truth has been spoken here and I mean no harm. I would like to see Gene's heart and attitude change, but sounds to me like nothing has changed in the last 10 yrs from what these people are saying. Such a shame....
posted on Nov 02 2010 04:33:53 PM

The gathering has deacons whom buy their place in the cult. One of them told a ordained minister from another church he was going to shoot him for driving in his neighborhood. I will not do business with anyone who attends that cult.
posted on Feb 21 2011 07:57:36 PM

You've got to be kidding me! Who is issuing death threats?!?
posted on Feb 23 2011 06:51:01 AM

HA I came looking for a picture of this "church" for a friend to see how stupid this is, I did't know I was not the only one who noticed all this! Great site i'll have to show this to the followers.
posted on Mar 21 2011 08:31:10 AM

I pray that the true Church in America will rise up with pure hearts not motivated by greed or lust or pride. This church is not the only one that hides it's finances.
posted on Mar 23 2011 06:57:38 AM

A POST FROM ASHeVILLE, NC Okay so we heard your story. Yeah, we all have problems with sevierville and Townsend pastors. They get away with it all. They try to make us into their disciples n such. Complaining wont change anything. Churches have friends in politics so likely they do as they please. Thinks a new IRS law is in affect that states private groups even churches can do what they want with any amount of money they get. The future looks grim. Best we true christians can do that have no church is like Jesus did move to another town, maybe another state or even country till we find like minded folks to share the true gospel with out collection plates or tithes as Satan's leaders do these days.
posted on Mar 31 2011 05:08:29 AM

What happened to Ashley Wiley? Is she still leading the music?
posted on Aug 27 2011 05:02:22 AM

It amazes me that people can make such bold and destructive statements about another person without knowing the facts and without having to post their name or take responsibility for what they say. God knows who you are. I know for a fact that this pastor "Gene Wolfenbarger" daily asks for Gods wisdom to lead this Gathered flock and he is careful of what he says. If you can't see God working through him, you are blind, dead or nowhere to be found. Yes we hold our Spiritual Leaders to a higher standard, but take the plank out of your own eye first and know that God is still teaching us all how to laugh, love and lead. I challenge anyone who is posting anything negative in this blog or any other blog that you have not prayed about your comments before you made them therefore anything you have to say that is negative in nature is NOT of God. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. Aren't you glad people are NOT gossiping about you like you are about him? If you have a problem with someone, pray for them. A healthy person will examine his or her own heart and ask How can I make a difference in some ones life today. I hope my comments will make a difference for someone. My name is Michael Rose michaelrose777 (at) and I am not afraid. I go to the Gathering and I am being fed and I tithe, one of the hardest lessons to learn.
posted on Feb 05 2012 08:53:06 PM

I love the Gathering...ive been going since they were in the old gym. Maybe Gene is selfish. And maybe i went through like 10 youth pastors. But i believe Gene has good intentions. He says some akward and weird things sometimes when hes on stage...but he has lead me in the direction of God most my life. People do listen to you. Maybe not through email or the way you want, but they are always approachable to your face. Gen and his family has helped my family alot. With counsoling and guidance. There is always someone to talk to. Just this past Sunday we prayed and praised God and it was so powerful...we talked about God putting the joy back in our life. I dont think sitting on your computers and talking bad will make you look coming from a teenager, maybe you should stop. Its not very nice. God bless.
posted on Feb 22 2012 08:54:44 PM

I went on the internet to find the Gatherings website because I was not able to attend church today and surely was not expecting to find this website. I believe that anytime you give money in Jesus name if the person receiving the money is not doing what they have implied they were doing with the money God will take care of it. God knows the intentions of your heart and we are suppose to tithe it says it in the bible. Along with giving that tithe you are suppose to have faith. I have attended the Gathering several times then had to stop for awhile because I had to work on Sundays but never have I been in a position where I was able to give a big check but EVERY time I have attended there I have spoke with Gene and Karen. I have felt they have been approachable and very nice. It is not our place to judge. If you don't feel it is the right place for you to attend then just simply do not attend. Why spend so much time pointing fingers at other people where there is so much in our own lives we can change. When I attend there same as any church I attend I give glory to God not to the pastor standing up there sharing his word. A pastor is a person just the same as we are and they are accountable for their actions to God just the same as we are probably more. If their is wrong doing then God will take care of it. Life is to short for being so angry and bitter. If you feel you have been done wrong just pick up and move on. We are accountable for OUR actions not actions of others. When we stand there on judgement day we can't say I did this because they did this it don't work that way. It will only be YOU did this. I have so much peace in my life since I have started focusing on the positive instead of the negative.
posted on Sep 09 2012 08:51:49 AM

The man in the mirror is the one you need to focus on. GOD knows all so let God be God and do what your supposed to do. Look! there is the one you need to work on.
posted on Sep 19 2012 07:38:45 PM

This church is a joke.I attended for a very long time.It got to the point where he only talked about money.I now attend a different church that I love.When I see my pastor out in public,he speaks to me unlike Gene with his nose in the air.I feel bad for his family.His wife looks so miserable.Gene I hope you get whats comming to you,everyone will realize what your taking from them and you will hit rock bottom.May God Bless You!
posted on Aug 27 2013 08:24:25 AM

Wow - wish I knew who posted that last comment!
posted on Sep 03 2013 06:40:47 AM

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