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https://binged.it/2ukZlC0 Mohamed Hychami This terrorist was spotted in NJ. ???? What??? Very defined angular chin and large head. Smiles and generally very happy and easy going as in his mug shot picture. Terror suspects are potentially extradited and living in the u.s. Karib spotted passing through Marlton near Holman dealership possibly en route to home in the states. Driss spotted in same vicinity “He stated to a witness “ I am not a terrorist anymore”. Freely living and working in our democratic state under our shadow president. Spotted swimming laps in NJ spring of 2018. Happy as a clam ready to terrorize for the Islamic state or whatever wealthy person pays them. Has Military Drone access. Amazing true account of some really weird sh** happening now in the US. Possibly in Montana playing football with the other one. If spotted do not call the police, take video and post pictures of them. Our constitution has been sold. What more can I say. Corruption with access to normal US citizens. Find him and snap detailed pictures of face and body for facial recognition comparison.
Category: Crime Added: 2020-01-20 23:05:55 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: NJ City: Marlton

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https://totalwar-ar.fandom.com/wiki/Mohamed_Hychami A muckraking video journalist dream. Find him and snap a picture. Spotted in spring of 2018 near Cherry Hill Mall NJ.
posted on Jan 20 2020 11:18:05 PM

Another spotting Driss: Brooklyn NY hotel elevator , wears fancy suits and heavy cologne. Generally happy and curious. Likes hipster hotels. Follow me........ you never know when Maaaartin will send them out.
posted on Jan 20 2020 11:22:06 PM

Time: Jan 2018
posted on Jan 20 2020 11:23:01 PM

Russia got Snowden, thrown out for treason by exposing the NSA and we got..... terrorists.... given card Blanche by who? Passing through our small towns and nearby cities given citizens’ location by whom??? Radical Islam shove down our throats. Victims would be outraged. Terrorist sightings. At very close unexpected range. I ask ..... follow me..........
posted on Jan 20 2020 11:31:08 PM

Unfortunately the photo links do not work. Type in search engine: Mohamed Hychami A one together deal: search Barcelona terror suspects Baby faced terror :((( so sad......
posted on Jan 20 2020 11:52:47 PM

A witness reported: Mohammed Aalla , very tall dark short hair, was in the airport security line one week after the attack. Mohamed Hychami and Driss spotted near Ford one year later, had no visible Spanish accent both had American accents. True story.
posted on Jan 21 2020 05:41:33 AM

Guess what? They are really living and working here because the presidents BEFORE Trump let everyone cross the border and enter our country no matter what their intentions were and the bleeding heart Democrats STILL want to allow anyone who wants in. Trump is trying to fix that. Duh
posted on Feb 05 2020 09:39:41 PM

Thank you for having the guts to acknowledge this issue. We need investigative journalists to investigate this evil. Way too much collusion of high ups with radical Islam. When crimes of terror are reported.... is this really Islam ? Or a satanist group playing social engineering games? Coming in through unrestricted airspace or identities changed for extradition?
posted on Feb 13 2020 05:00:23 AM

Terrorists are not religious, even if they claim to represent other marginalized people, they take human life which is what Luciferians do. 911 was orchestrated by US military satanists who wanted a piece of a huge Middle Eastern US lawsuit. Research the connection.
posted on Feb 13 2020 05:05:05 AM

Never ever ever trust a satanist. Why are we not doing witch hunts anymore? Citizens praying in a church for the sick and wishing all in the world god’s blessings of life, who do not target others are no threat. Satanists in a ceremony bringing disease via bioterrorism and wishing death upon innocents is the real enemy of all of our pursuit of happiness. If you were born with a good aura and have a natural light around you : you are an enemy. Satanism is the battle of this century. One of which, I hope is brought down, for all of our safety and pursuit of happiness.
posted on Feb 13 2020 05:42:19 AM

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