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Tammy lea meine

Snitch Subject: burglary

Police statements
Category: Other Added: 2019-01-22 10:22:04 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: MN City: rochester ZIP: 55902

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Got snitched on by Dezmon Johnson
posted on Feb 02 2019 10:53:46 PM

Aslo got set up and snitched on from Nathan Corley
posted on Feb 06 2019 04:33:06 PM

Tammy meine didn't get snitched on by Nathan corley I have the paperwork in Black and White she must not know how to read.she is the one who talked to the cops. She better reread her paperwork
posted on Nov 12 2019 01:47:23 AM

Hey Tammy why don't you put your paperwork on here. I got the same paperwork I could put it on here. I'm the only one that didn't talk to the cops. But you sure said alot of sh**. Your the rat nobody else. If you could read your paperwork you would see that.
posted on Nov 12 2019 02:31:14 PM

Well Tammy did you read your paperwork well if not I got my copy out I'm going to try and get a pic of it on here. It seems to me I'm the only one that didn't give a statement but you sure did and you say you got told on well your the snitch trying to cover your ass.says here meine gave a statement on 1/10/2018. That it was all Nate and dezmon she had no idea. Meine stated that Nathan had stuff at his brother's house. Meine also provided the cops with her code for her tablet.as the cop was unlocking your tablet you started talking about the case he had to stop you and he read you your rights and meine continued to talk.well maybe you should reread your sh**. Rat. I'll post more later
posted on Nov 12 2019 08:11:25 PM

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