Stevie Christensen - RAT BIT**

Stevie is 100% a rat and will do anything to get out of her own charges. Shes very active in ratting people out and setting people up. I have the proof so trust the info is good. Do not deal with this bit**.

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Well, here you go Stevie Christensen, once again making false allegations. First off, according to your own testimony you stated Michael pointed the gun at your head (he never did), and then YOU told him to point it towards your stomach so that you could protect your family from knowing they were being robbed, who is more family, your unborn child or that dim wit Donovan who has trashed talk you?? This unborn child that you say is protected by strick rules, is the same baby born addicted to Meth by your own self. Isnt Michael the same guy that helped you out when Ryan smashed your nasty face? I believe he got you a room because you had no where to go. No one robbed you, and dont start now talking crap about the other 3 ppl in the car. You asked the cops (its on tape) that if you helped out with this case if they would help Ryan get out of jail. You owed ppl money for drugs and used setting Michael up to get out of it. What about the guy that came forward and made a statement that you and Dim Wit Donovan told him you were going to set Michael up before he got there?? You are a Rat, you work with the Cops, that is how you get your charges dropped!!
Jul 16 2018 10:36 PM
This is not Laura Stevie, its Marney and my posts arent regarding anyone named michael but thanks for sharing all that. You've rolled on so many people that its hard to keep them all straight. As you know its not possible to post proof on this site because all you can do it enter these posts, no pics or anything like that but one look at your icourt portal will would be a good start. Then the laptop you left at my house had more proof than was needed about SOME of the people you've rolled on but that was taken by Tyanna. You remember her, she was the one you tried to get to take your charges the night you took B's truck without permission and then got pulled over with sh** on you. You tried to hand off your sh** to her saying "here, you take these. I can't have these charges!!" FU** THAT! I'm glad she was smart enough to tell you to go fu** yourself or she'd have been the next person to pay for YOUR sh**. You've got a real fuc*** up way of manipulating people around you and then when you get popped anyone you know is at risk of being thrown under the bus so YOU dont have to take responsibility for the sh** YOU'VE done. You'll roll on anyone and everyone to save your own as* from doing any time for YOUR sh** and you KNOW that. Well guess what? That sh** has finally caught up with your as* and the people who know you KNOW that now so its going to get increasingly more difficult to find someone to dump your sh** off on so keep doing the same sh** and see what happens the next time you pick up a charge. There wont be anyone dumb enough to deal with you or associate with you and you'll be faced with actually having to pay for YOUR OWN sh**. I dont need to post proof on this site, those that are unfortunate enough to know you know its true. Check out the other posts on this site about you and the comments related to them. Its no secret anymore and people know what kind of person you are. You kidnapped some girl and then got lucky enough that she was too scared to show up for court. Then what happened to your charges for doing meth the entire time you were pregnant? Gone. People arent stupid Stevie, they dont need to see what I saw in that laptop to know what you do. Its their choice if they want to call you a friend but they will eventually find themselves on the receiving end of your manipulative sh**.This site is just a way to give people a heads up to watch out because you aren't about taking responsibility for your own sh**, you're about finding someone else to put it off on and you know that's true.
Jun 29 2018 06:40 PM
Then i suggest you put the proof on your next post. I in fact am stevie and i will gladly tell the details of what transpired august 2016 between Michael Osborn and myself (not to mention the 3 individuals he brought with him). I have nothing to hide nor have i ever. Those who are worth a damn will understand this... There is a very strick rule safe guarding women and children. Michael showed up to my home to buy items i posted for sale on facebook and instead held a gun to my head and then to my unborn child and robbed me. Did i call the cops? Yes. Did i testify? I would do it again if i had to just so i could look him in his eyes and see the coward inbred take in the as* deep throating punk for all that he is. He deserves much more than what he has received. Anyone has sh** to say then come out with it. Im sick of the passive aggressive hide behind a fake name or facebook profile bullshit! Be grown. Its not my fault your son followed in your steps Laura. Woman to woman, mother to mother... You want to get at me? Then come do with your head held high and quit the games. You look like a fu***** idiot and its not doing anything to effect me or mine. Figure it out or move the fu** on.
Apr 25 2018 03:30 AM
BTW..Rat Bit**, using the name Annie Atticus as an attempt to ask info on yourself, only shows what a WEAK piece of garbage you are. Why not come straight out in your email and say Hey Im Stevie, where is your proof Im a Rat? And, as far as your Fake comment that there is a very strict rule protecting woman and children, how come that didnt come into play when you and Wade Osterhout Robbed, kidnapped and torchered Jen Sayer?? Luckily you two Rats got yourselves out of those charges. Now, time will only show how your latest arrest for Felony possession plays out...are you running out of ppl to Rat on? Id do anything to show you the comments Donovan Powell and Kelsey Price made about you. Ppl are slowly starting to see you for what you are....RAT!! You are so Freaking desperate for family, you call anyone around you Auntie, brother, etc.... Must be because your blood family wants nothing to do with you!!
Sep 15 2018 11:08 AM
The question about Jen Sayer was EXACTLY the same one I had. Awaiting your response Stevie...or do those rules you speak of only apply to everyone BUT YOU much like taking responsibility for YOUR OWN SH** doesn't seem to apply to you either. Here's a little heads up- they're about to because people are getting wise to what you're all about and that means it's going to get a lot less comfortable being you.
Sep 27 2018 03:14 PM
The Question on Jen Sayer is interesting one because these two about to see eachother again? they both at SICI. As for wade he just got bunch more stuff dismissed. Here a funny Cavet Stevie used sex a lot to get guys set up but she got the FBI in hot water trying set up a County Agent that was undercover such a stupid bit**. She be in court next week for rider review Judge Bail I suggest maybe show up explain this woman a multi offender and lies and is danger to community. Good luck now she put to many innocent people in jail for her own taughting.
Oct 04 2019 02:46 PM
They released this bit** man she out so beware.....
Nov 06 2019 02:49 AM
True story. Beware people. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're safe, you're not.
Nov 06 2019 09:42 PM

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