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This bit** is a rat. 100% have the proof. Do not deal with this bit** she will bring the cops right to your door.
Category: Shoutout Added: 2017-05-02 00:08:46 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: ID City: Boise

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Ok let's see the proof blast it on this comment list or your number so I can call m get a pic
posted on May 04 2017 06:00:33 PM

You're under the false impression that I'd concern myself at all with whether or not YOU believe she's a rat. The information is posted on this site as a courtesy, NOT an obligation. You can believe it or dont believe it, the only one you hurt by NOT taking it seriously is yourself and I dont care at all about what happens to you. I've seen the proof and I KNOW the info is good, I dont give a sh** what you believe. I'm not obligated to convince you of anything. I KNOW I'm not calling someone a rat without having the proof to back it up and thats all I care about. You do what you want idiot. So in regards to giving you my number, I think not. Lol How about you give me your name and I'll watch for your ignorant as* on the jail rosters when you decide to ignore the info because you dont have "pics". Have a great day.
posted on May 06 2017 06:38:45 AM

She is a rat called the police on me met them in my driveway lied about it ,I have it all on camera
posted on May 07 2017 04:45:25 AM

Stevie is solid. I know who posted this and you can eat a di**.
posted on Aug 05 2017 03:46:41 PM

"Eat a dick"? Lol I'm just going to sit back and relax, you're doing a great job of proving your own ignorance. Keep up the good work. I dont care who you think I am, you're wrong, Im not a male. But I have seen and copied whats on that hard drive she so desperately wants back. NOT a good thing to leave where it can be found when it contains so much information regarding who you've been ratting on. You can believe that I don't make statements about someone being a rat unless I have irrefutable proof and I dont give a sh** if you believe it or not. Good luck to you.
posted on Aug 20 2017 12:28:40 AM

Anyone who is pretending they don't know she is a teller is in straight denial. Don't waste energy arguing with people who don't matter anyway.
posted on Aug 21 2017 02:53:07 PM

I’m not sure whoever posted about her being a RAT will see this, but you are so correct about her. She sets ppl up and gets her own charges dropped. Gave birth to a baby addicted to Meth and her charges got dropped. If the person who said they have information on a hard drive about her sees this, how Can I reach you? She put someone in prison for a false charge and maybe your information can help. Is there a way to reach you?
posted on Nov 09 2017 11:27:51 PM

She’s a really horrible person. A liar, a thief, a rat, selfish, a dead beat mother...and will go to absurd lengths to avoid being exposed as such. Dumb bit**.
posted on Feb 08 2018 01:41:14 PM

The cops like her, she makes their job easy, setting ppl up. She calls herself a “Boss Bitch”...but you can’t be that and a “Boss Rat” too!! She Loves to post, the poor me I’m a victim, who Loves me crap on her FB page...I can’t think of one positive attribute she has...
posted on Feb 13 2018 07:40:21 AM

I couldn't agree more. I posted this originally and am going to repost so its moved to the top again and will continue to do so. She is one person I feel strongly about warning others about. Shes very active in regards to ratting people out and setting them up. She took a friend of mines truck one night and got pulled over. She had sh** and a pipe on her and tried to get the 20 year old girl who was with her to take them saying "I cant go down for this,here you take them". Of course the girl didnt but what a fu***** asswipe. Thats her style, she'll do the crime but when the time comes to pay for it she's too much of a little punk bit** to face it. Thats why shes always getting off her charges by throwing other people under the bus. Shes the lowest that I know. A real scumbag sh** mother as well. I hope the state takes her latest kid before she kills it or sets it on fire trying to light her pipe.
posted on Feb 23 2018 01:34:59 AM

To the person who was trying to reach me, the original poster, leave info here regarding how I can contact you. Maybe an email address that doesnt include your name that can be closed out after I reach you. That way you dont get any stevie fans, though there arent more than one or two , bothering you.
posted on Feb 23 2018 01:42:51 AM

I can be reached at If any of her so called “fans” see this, I don’t care...please contact me!!
posted on Feb 24 2018 07:18:46 PM

To the original poster, I’m not sure if you have seen my response and my email that I can be reached on. Please, contact me.
posted on Mar 01 2018 10:59:37 PM

She's a mother fu***** snitch and I hope she rots
posted on Mar 11 2018 09:18:38 PM

She is a RAT!!
posted on Jul 16 2018 10:07:43 PM

Her current phone # is ***-***-****
posted on Sep 22 2018 11:58:12 PM

I'm the one who posted this originally and I couldn't be happier with how many its reached. Lol This one is absolutely one of the most scandalous disloyal liars I've ever come across. NO ONE is immune to her shady deeds to get herself out of even the smallest charge. She will make things up and have someone charged with something they never did and the cops are more interested in closings cases than they are in actual justice so BEWARE people. There's nothing she wont do to save herself. Marney
posted on Sep 27 2018 03:06:41 PM

Well some karma finally bit** slapped Stevie and the cops became tired of her constantly getting new charges so she's sitting in Ada county jail with no bond most likely on her way back to prison. A lot of people in there that she ratted out so she shouldn't have a dull time there. They hit her with persistent violator so I'm hoping it sticks.. Theres apparently many CIs out there right now, enough to make 20 buys a night according to a recording I heard of a CI so post them if you know them.
posted on Mar 07 2019 02:45:35 AM

She got released 7 years probation look this bitc*** record OMG. she did several set ups even on people that dont do drugs so she could make her quota wtf. so she out and beware.
posted on Nov 06 2019 02:47:08 AM

Damn being away and not using hasn’t done this UGLY Bit** any good!! Still an Ugly, Rat...would sell out her own kid to skate on charges. You have been Warned ppl...Stay Away From Her!!
posted on Nov 18 2019 11:14:56 AM

Pretty amazing how all those charges just got dismissed by the prosecutor. Anyone who hasn't checked out her icourt record should. It's a shining example of exactly what a rat's record looks like. Glaringly obvious.
posted on Nov 21 2019 07:45:13 AM

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