hes a rat works at the bank cheese eater

Yeah cheese is money I'd love to have that. Don't do dumb stuff and u won't get told on
2015-10-30 08:44:04
Ok you fu***** snitch who's the one doing dirt n can't do the time you punk but trust me you will get yours
2016-01-03 14:00:11
Ok at least I have something rum as* dude take that to the bank. Get a life tweaker you ain't doin sh**.
2016-04-22 00:21:18
And I ain't never caught a case cuz I don't do dumb sh** like you tweakerS
2016-04-22 00:22:40
You smoke dope and u n ur wife set up my home girl so I know this shits 100 so stop trying to defend ur self because you have a guilty conscious !!! You make me sick fu***** teller as* bit**
2017-07-04 18:41:22
For one what wife for two he hasnt used meth in years actually works in the jail why dont you go see him ya twackstar
2018-03-20 10:19:28
Then obviously its not the same one idiot! Why don't you get a new hobby or a fu***** life lame
2018-07-18 20:41:51

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