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"Do NOT associate with this loss poor excuse of a grown woman and mother who is so filthy of a human being that rather she just take the time, for HER CRIMES, she instead decided to cooperate in helping authorities in the crack down of meth distribution in the Grants Pass, Eugene, Selma & Cave junction areas in Oregon. The case is open Md I can't share the discovery packet until the court proceedings are over. That being said, I warn ALL PEOPLE AROUND OR CLOSE TO THIS WOMAN FOR ALL AND ANY REASON TO IMMEDIATELY KNOW ALL DIALOGUE AROUND HER IS RECORDED AND HER PHONE HAD A TAP LIKE PROGRAM INSTALLED ON IT AND IT FORWARDS ALL CALLS DIRECTLY TO STATE AND FEDERAL AUTHORITIES & IN EXCHANGE, she is allowed to walk around FREELY without ant worry of being apprehended because she's already signed her self up to help not just her own disturbing need to evade responsibility for HER CHOICES BUT SHE IS A HUGE " valuable asset to the crack down of methamphetamine distribution and manufacturing in the Southern part of THE STATE OF OREGON. I DONT WANT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY FAMILY AND SEVERAL OTHERS TO HAPPEN TO YOURS, TOO!! Don't let her continue this, before its too late to get in FRONT of HER PUTTING YOU AND MAYBE EVEN some one you love into the growing list of those being INDICTED and fraudulently included in a HUGE ROUND UP of co-conspirators and what authorities TRUST from her, to be truth!!! Share."
Category: News Added: 2017-11-30 05:14:56 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: OR City: Medford

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